Welcome To 2018: The Journey Toward Sustainability, Preparation, Resilience and Survival Continues (#294)

Welcome to 2018. It’s hard to believe that the uproar over 2000 was almost two decades ago. And today we find ourselves challenged with saving our planet and our human way of life.

In 2018 I will continue exploring how each of us can prepare for the significant challenges and changes that are coming. Changes that will threaten our current way of life. I believe the more we know, the more we can prepare. The more we can prepare, the greater our resilience will be toward surviving those changes. And they are coming far sooner than most of us believe.

Sustainability is the challenge that faces humanity today. The greater our ability to embrace a more sustainable, simplified lifestyle based on degrowth and power-down from our dependence on carbon fuels, the greater our potential will be to save our planet and survive both individually and as a species.

Our journey together will continue. I will continue to offer the insights and knowledge we need to a) prepare for the challenges and threats that are coming, and b) the actions that we will all need to make in our day-to-day lifestyles to survive those challenges. As current readers of the Stonyhill-Nuggets know, I am convinced that successfully embracing a sustainable lifestyle will require humanity to evolve its collective consciousness and do the inner-work required to tame the unconscious, childhood conditioning of our collective primitive ego.

A Short Delay To Move

But first, there will be a couple of weeks spent moving out of our home in Redmond, Oregon. We have made the decision to go back on the road full time again. It will lighten our footprint even more than we have been able to accomplish here in Redmond. And it will allow us to do more volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, Nomads, the Bureau of Land Management, and our State and National Parks.

We spent about 8 years as full-time RV’ers, and we miss the opportunities for volunteering that being on the road affords us.

I will get back to publishing the Stonyhill-Nugget on an every other week schedule in a couple of weeks. Moving out of our home is filling our days right now, but we should be on top of the process soon.

Thanks for all of my readers and friends who have enthusiastically encouraged and supported this change in our lives.

I will see you back here on the Stonyhill-Nuggets in a couple of weeks.

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