Learning To Let Life Unfold – Insights from the Wilderness #148

Learning To Let Life UnfoldThe primitive ego of our unconscious inner-child learns early in life that we can make life feel safer if we assume that we are always right. We realized very early in life that being wrong was not good. It led to our being criticized and that was hurtful. So always being right made a lot of sense.

At three years of age, this concept is pretty helpful. Unfortunately it’s not so helpful as we become an adult. An adult that has to always be “right” is often considered a “know it all”. People tend to avoid us because our need to be right makes us very judgmental. Even when we don’t say anything out loud, we unconsciously radiate the judgmental belief that “we” know how things “should” be.

But the biggest problem with always needing to be right is it means we are responsible for the entire universe. Stated simply, we become the very center of the entire universe. The universe in all its glory revolves around “us”. We assume the responsibility. If the universe has any problems, “we” have the solutions. We are the self-appointed ruler of the entire universe.

At least, that’s what our primitive ego still likes to believe. When we believe we are “right”, our self-identity is secure. Life feels safe. We don’t have to question ourselves.

Unfortunately, being ruler of the universe can be exhausting! When we assume responsibility and control for how everything “should be”, it means we can never relax! There is always another problem that needs to be fixed; another problem that needs our opinion on how things “should” be. We find ourselves in a never-ending internal dialogue on how even we personally “should” be. Needing to be right makes it impossible to be authentic.

And then we wonder why we are stressed, anxious, and depressed. Why we find ourselves embroiled in conflict all the time. We struggle with why life is so difficult and exhausting.

What our primitive ego never learned in childhood was the importance of letting life unfold; the importance of letting things be as they are; the wisdom to know that the only thing we really have the ability to change is ourselves. Changing ourselves may be difficult at times, but it is possible. Changing the universe is not.

What our primitive ego never learned is the paradox that the only way to change the world is to begin by changing ourselves——to become the change we want to see in the world.

When we awaken our consciousness and learn to let the world unfold, life becomes peaceful. When we awaken and learn to become the change we would like to see in the world, we become a force that actually“can” change the world.

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