Life Offers Two Choices: Blame or Responsibility – Insights from the Wilderness #146

Life Offers Two Choices: Blame or ResponsibilityLife offers us two basic choices. We can choose to acknowledge that the life we are living is a result of the choices we have made, or failed to make——or we can blame others; our childhood, our parents, our spouse, God’s will, or bad karma.

When we choose to blame others for the life we have unconsciously chosen to live, it makes us powerless. We have convinced ourselves that people and events outside of our control caused our unhappiness and the lack of success we experience in our life. We tell ourselves, if it weren’t for them, or what happened to us in childhood, our life would be better.

We have unconsciously convinced ourselves we are helpless victims living lives created by fate.

Reality is simple and uncomplicated. Every choice we make creates outcomes and consequences. Every choice we fail to make also creates outcomes and consequences. That’s how it works.

The moment we choose to awaken our consciousness, and reconnect our choices with our outcomes, we immediately reclaim power over our lives. We accept the reality that only “we” have the power to create the life we came here to live.

When we disconnect our choices from our outcomes or consequences, the only option open to us is to blame others; to live the powerless life of a victim.

We need to remind ourselves, when we blame others for the unhappy life we are living, we are unconsciously creating our own powerlessness not because others have power over us, but rather because we have given up our own power.

Those are the two basic options that life offers. The choice is ours; fully awakened responsibility for the life we have been creating for ourselves, or unconsciously blaming others. In the former, the outcome is empowerment and happiness. In the latter, the outcome is powerless victim.

As all the enlightened spiritual teachers remind us, an awakened life is a happy life.

It’s never to late to decide. Two basic choices. And your choice is…………?

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