Is Your Life Self-Focused, Or Other-Focused? – Insights from the Wilderness #191

Is Your Life Self-Focused, Or Other-Focused?Most people in the world are self-focused.

In the words of Abraham Maslow, a self-actualized person has learned to embrace their life purpose; a life-work that reflects both creative self expression and is self-rewarding.

But the most common trait that defines an awakened, self-aware person is the fact that their gifts are of service to at least one other person. They have embraced the wisdom that their life journey is not a journey for self; it’s to evolve consciously and support the awakening of our global human consciousness. They are not self-focused, they are other-focused.

They have chosen to become part of the growing human tribe focused on awakening their consciousness and dedicating their lives to making a difference in the world. This awakened tribe of people strives to intentionally change the way they think, and how they “see” the world. Their vision of the world is universal and inclusive; a vision in which every living being “fits”; is accepted; and is honored.

They are people who look at a flower and see the universe. They are the people who offer compassion to the universe by offering compassion to the person in front of them. When they look at others, they see the evolutionary impulse to “become” that is incarnate in all of creation. They know that the universe is not only evolving; it’s going somewhere; and they want to be an engaged, co-creative part of that process.

When an awakened person looks at the world and sees human hunger, they “see” unconscious ignorance and the imperative need for our human species to awaken. They are people whose life sings a song for others. They “see” the world through the eyes of their heart.

They understand that the only path to a viable future for our species is one that embraces cooperation and teamwork. Stated simply, they are people who have awakened their consciousness through self-awareness, and have whole-heartedly embraced their life purpose; a life that is dedicated to adding value to the lives of others.

Life’s Most Important Question

The questions you and I have to wrestle with are simple. Are we awakened and living the life we were born to live?  Is our life big enough for our soul? Or does our unconscious primitive ego, the ego of our inner-child psyche, have us trapped living a life that is focused only on self; a life that is too small for our soul?

Or stated another way, are we living out of our small “self”, or have we learned to awaken and live life out of our larger authentic “SELF”?

These sound like questions that would be hard to answer, but the truth is they’re not. Just look at your life and ask yourself  “Am I happy?”  “Does my life have meaning?”  “Does my life add value to the lives of others?”  If you can answer yes to those three questions, you can be confident you’re living life out of your larger, authentic, awakened “SELF”.

If you answered no to any of those three questions, the probability is high that you’re still living life out of your primitive ego’s small “self”. It might be time to change some priorities and values.

An Awakened Consciousness

Conscious awakening begins when we have the courage to look within, and pay attention to the kind of “energy” we are sending into the world. Is our energy compassionate? Or is our energy self-focused and judgmental? Stated simply, is our energy focused on adding value to the lives of others, or is our energy primarily focused on our own needs and desires?

When we have the courage to intentionally pay attention, and be truly honest with ourselves every time we “see” ourselves sending judgmental, or self-focused energy into the world, the day will come when our self-focused, negative energy will no longer make sense to us. In fact, it will make us increasingly uncomfortable.

On that day, you will know that your consciousness has begun to awaken. On that day, your compassion and concern for the welfare of others will become as important to you as your concern for self. As that awareness grows, you will know that the values, and concern for others that give all of our lives true meaning and purpose, will have begun to enter your life.

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