Living Life Unconsciously – Insights from the Wilderness #122

Living Life UnconsciouslyIf your goal is to create a happy, successful, and meaningful life, then sleep walking through your life, or living life unconsciously, is not an option——it’s not going to be helpful.

The pace of our world is not merely picking up speed; it is increasing exponentially.

That means your success in life, and your spiritual health, are going to be directly dependent on your ability to awaken your consciousness——your ability to take the steps necessary to intentionally, and consciously, take creative responsibility for your own life.

You are either unconscious and asleep, or you are conscious and awake. You can’t be both at the same time.

The Pace Of Life Is Increasing Exponentially

The pace of day-to-day life is reaching frantic levels. Texting, cell phones, computers, television sound bite advertising, news broadcasts available twenty four/seven, work responsibilities, home responsibilities, financial concerns, national and global recession concerns, global warming, the threat of inflation———-are only a few of the distractions impinging on our senses and vying for our attention. The list is endless.

No people in history have ever faced this level of input and distraction. Every place we turn we are being bombarded and invaded with information demanding our attention. Our lives are spinning faster and more frantically every day. Keeping our balance and a focus on our priorities is becoming a major challenge in the modern world.

What It Means For Us Spiritually

If this is describing how you feel, then finding ways to awaken and intentionally slow down your life is not simply a good idea; it’s essential to your spiritual well-being.

Your mental and emotional stability, and spiritual balance, are going to be increasingly dependent on your ability to intentionally awaken your consciousness and embrace the spiritual practices that will help you move from the perimeter of your life—–to the balance and stability of your spiritual center.

Until you do, the feelings of overwhelmed, out of sorts, down on yourself, and the vague sense that life lacks meaning, will continue to increase.

Stated simply, the more we attempt to live on the rapidly moving perimeter of our life, the greater the danger we will lose our balance and fall.

Life at our spiritual center “is” stability and balance.

Moving To Our Spiritual Center

We all begin our life journey using the unconscious primitive ego of our inner-child psyche. We create a mask called a false self and a persona, or personality, based on how we think others want us to be. We hide our authentic self out of fear that no one will love us. We hide in the shadows of our unconscious all those things we refuse to acknowledge about ourselves, and all the things about us that we don’t want others to see——-stuff we know about ourselves but choose to hide from others, stuff that others see clearly but we are not able to see about our selves, and the stuff that is hidden from our self and others.

Developing insight and awareness of these hidden parts of our self is called shadow work.

Until you do your shadow work, the majority of your life energy will be used for survival and keeping your self-identity secure. Coping with the modern world is impossible when you are sleep walking through life using all your life energy keeping the mask of your false self from slipping, and your shadow psyche hidden. The only life energy that is left over will often be the negative energy you are unconsciously sending into the world.

In other words, regardless of how much you might want to be a kind and compassionate person, your unconscious ego will control the shadow energy you send into the world. And that shadow energy will continue to create pain for yourself and others.

Awakening your authentic self requires you to acknowledge the simple wisdom that what you are not aware of will always control you.

Until you find the courage to awaken your consciousness, and look into the shadows of your unconscious mind so you can free your authentic self from the prison of your unconscious primitive ego, a life of abundance, meaning, and spiritual balance will not be possible.

Life will continue to be a struggle.

Your Consciousness Is Your Flashlight

Unconsciously sleep walking through life is like attempting to walk in the dark without a flashlight. The journey will be slow and filled with unseen dangers. It will be frightening. It won’t be long before you decide it might be safer to just sit down and stop the journey.

To enter into the darkness of your unconscious mind, and do your awakening work, you will need a good flashlight to bring light into the shadows.

Creating an awakened consciousness is your flashlight.

Unfortunately, the first steps in shadow work are always taken without the benefit of light from our awakened consciousness. The first steps have to begin by gathering up the internal courage that comes from the faith that life has to have more meaning than we have been experiencing.

The first steps begin with the courage that comes from the faith that we will somehow survive this frightening journey into “self”——–the courage to enter the darkness of our unconscious mind and beginning the process of becoming self-aware—–the courage to pay attention to our negative emotions and things that upset us, the courage to own the negative energy we are sending into the world, the courage to explore the unconscious beliefs that are creating that negative energy, and the courage to pay attention when we resort to defensive denial.

The first steps into this darkness are always tentative and frightening. We have no way of knowing what we are going to encounter in the darkness. But the further you journey into the shadows of your unconscious, the stronger your flashlight will become.

Over time, your awakened consciousness will become a powerful light that illuminates all the shadows hiding in the corners of our unconscious mind.

Spiritual Balance Comes From The Courage To Do Your Shadow Work

Doing your shadow work; the self-critical exploration of the log in your own eye, always takes courage because this kind of awareness is almost always humiliating. You will not like what you find there.

Seeing clearly the reality that your shadow self has allowed you to do evil, and not know it, is always embarrassing and humbling.

Because it is never easy to look into the shadows of our unconscious, it is important to recognize that what you did in the past was simply unconscious living. It may have been hurtful or even evil, but it was not sin.

Sin is the “unwillingness” to awaken and become self-aware——–intentionally allowing your unconscious shadow psyche to continue doing harm to others because you lack the courage to do your shadow work and awaken your authentic self.

The good news is that once you have found the courage to begin your journey toward an awakened consciousness, returning to the unconscious innocence you left in the Garden of Eden will be impossible.

Once you begin the spiritual journey toward enlightenment you can’t go back. You can refuse to move forward, but you can’t go back. Answering the call to awaken; the call to begin the spiritual journey toward an awakened consciousness is a spiritual hunger that will be with you for the rest of your life.

As your authentic self begins to emerge from the prison of your unconscious primitive ego, and you begin creating the life you were meant to live, turning back to unconscious living will no longer make sense to you.


Finding the spiritual balance and happiness that you hunger for in life will require the consciousness of an evolved, authentic, self-aware, awakened adult—-an enlightened consciousness capable of bringing your ego into coherence or harmony with the wisdom, insights, and intuition of your heart energy—–an awakened consciousness able to cope with the growing challenges and distractions of the modern world——-a consciousness that allows you to live at the spiritual center of your life.

Without the spiritual balance that comes through the growth in self-awareness of an awakened consciousness, you will lack the coherence and inner-harmony needed to create an enlightened and compassionate life—-or an enlightened and compassionate global world.


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