Living Peacefully On The Middlepath – Insights from the Wilderness #140

Living Peacefully On The MiddlepathDo you live peacefully on the middlepath, or are you stressed out trying to embrace one of the extremes found on either side of the middlepath?

If your goal in life is to experience happiness and achieve success, the decision whether to live on the middlepath—–or struggle to embrace the extremes found on either side of the middlepath——–is one of the more important spiritual choices you will need to make in your life.

Put simply, people who choose to embrace a middlepath spirituality, or middlepath consciousness that searches for the truths and wisdom found on both sides of the middlepath, are choosing to embrace peace and happiness.

Those who choose to live their lives in the extremes that exist on both sides of the middlepath are choosing to embrace a dualistic, either/or thinking process that will only invite stress, unhappiness, and conflict into their lives.

Choosing Life On The Middlepath

People who embrace a both/and, middlepath spirituality are very careful to avoid extreme ideological, black and white, either/or thinking, and thus tend to live more balanced and peaceful lives.

They are open to discuss and debate ideas, but they do not allow their ego’s to over identify with either side of an issue. They search for balance by intentionally looking for the truths found on both sides of the middlepath but they avoid “defending” either side of the issue being discussed.

As a result, they extend a greater sense of mutuality toward others, they tend to be less stressed and anxious, they find the solutions to problems easier, they tend to be more engaged and open to new perspectives, they embrace change by focusing on the future and what is possible, and they tend to use a  “big time”, long range view of the future.

They have learned to embrace a middlepath consciousness that keeps them grounded in the reality of the present moment. They trust that the wisdom and truths found in the extremes on both sides of every issue or problem will eventually open a creative solution or portal into the future.

They know that a middlepath consciousness; the foundation of a middlepath spirituality, is essential if happiness is a value they want to embrace in their lives.

Rapid Change Creates Fear, Rigidity, And Extremist Thinking

Unfortunately, whenever the world becomes uncertain, and rapid change begins to undermine the beliefs and values we have traditionally used to create a sense of safety and comfort in our lives——our ego tends to pour concrete on our old beliefs and turn them into ideological extremes that embrace the certainty of “absolute truth”. We lose our flexibility. We become more aggressive and judgmental in our defensive attempts to force our absolute truths onto those around us.

We become ideological extremists. Instead of living in the richness and diversity of the middlepath searching for the truths and wisdom that are always present in the extremes of every issue or problem, we find ourselves building a defensive, ideological fort in the barren wilderness that exists on one side of the middlepath—–or the other.

We see this happening in both our country, and in the world today.

Our religious and political beliefs are rapidly becoming more extreme and inflexible. Compromise and open dialogue has been replaced by entrenched conclaves of “true believers” and their assertions of “ultimate truth”. We are witnessing the well-known fact that violence, terrorism and “ultimate truth” are common bedfellows.

Extreme Beliefs Always Create Stress, Unhappiness, And Conflict

When we hold too tightly, or too inflexibly, to the ideological extremes that are found on either side of the middlepath; when we are certain that we alone possess “absolute truth”——-we tend to find ourselves in emotional conflict with anyone who disagrees with us.

And that can be a “lot” of people! Our planet has 8 billion people living on it and it’s not uncommon for others to have their own versions of “absolute truth”——-and their own ideological forts to defend.

It’s no wonder we become fearful and defensive. When our ego is “absolutely certain” that our beliefs represent “absolute truth”, we actually “are” at war with anyone who does not believe exactly as we do! We are choosing to ignore the simple truth that when held too tightly, any belief or worldview will inevitably lead to pathology and violence.

We can see this very clearly in the actions of totalitarian governments and religious terrorists, but we usually fail to see the beam in our own eye and the deep pathologies present in our own ideological rigidity and inflexibility—–our tendency to be combative, aggressive, and harshly judgmental of those who dare to disagree with our rigidly held “truths”.

Peace, happiness, mutuality, and compassion may be spiritual values we believe we hold, but our actions and our behaviors often fail to offer those spiritual values to those who disagree with us.

Put simply, we may believe in the spiritual value of love but if we are honest with ourselves we know we tend to withhold love, compassion, and mutuality from those who challenge the certainties of our beliefs.

Creating A Compassionate Future: Personally and Globally

Our world is moving toward a new global human culture; an emerging global culture comprised of many existing cultures that each reflect very different levels of human consciousness and values.

The beliefs and values of these different cultures, or stages of human consciousness, span over 10,000 years of evolution in human consciousness and each of these stages of human consciousness are alive and well on our planet.

  • If our goal is peace and the creation of a cooperative human global culture;
  • If our goal is personal happiness and creative relationships with others;
  • If our goal is the creation of a compassionate species in which every person and every living thing on our planet is valued and respected, then

learning to embrace a middlepath consciousness and spirituality that avoids ideological extremism, and openly welcomes and accepts tolerance and diversity, is a spirituality that we will all need to embrace and invite into our lives.

When we are willing to embrace a spirituality that’s free of our ego arrogance and the claims of “absolute certainty” that only create conflict, intolerance, and judgment in our relationships with others—–when we are willing to embrace the balance and inner-peace that comes with a middlepath spirituality that searches for the truths found on both sides of every issue—–only then will our goals and dreams for a more spiritually evolved human culture become reality.


Ideological belief in absolute truth is a pathology, not a strength.

The choices each of us makes today will create tomorrow’s world. Only when we have the courage and wisdom to grow spiritually and adopt a middlepath evolutionary spirituality—–a spirituality that deeply honors and respects the individuals and cultures around us——will we have the ability to create the compassionate world we dream about for ourselves, and our planet.

A Spiritual Practice To Create A Middlepath Spirituality

Creating a middlepath spirituality is learning to pay attention to our emotions and choosing to intentionally look for the truths and wisdom on both sides of every issue ——–whenever we “see” the narcissism of our ego moving our beliefs into “certainty” and “absolute truth”.

If you find yourself getting angry, defensive, or speaking in an imperative voice “defending” your beliefs———simply pay attention to the energy you are sending into the world and quietly accept that your ego has hijacked your intention to stay on the middlepath. Begin to ask questions that search for the truths in the other persons position or beliefs.

Over time, this intention to stay on the middlepath will become a more authentic part of who you are. You will find your world becoming more peaceful and compassionate.

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