Manage Change Without Fear – Insights from the Wilderness #53

Click here to listen to Dick read this NuggetAs I wrote last week, it’s a well known fact that even though “change” creates all things, surrounds us, and even sustains our very existence, virtually all of the unhappiness that we experience in life is due to our inability, or lack of willingness, to embrace change.

And ready or not there are certainly major changes and challenges coming in the next few years that have the potential to significantly impact our lives, our standard of living, our financial well-being, and some would say even our ability to survive as a species.

Manage change without fearSo it’s hard not to be frightened at the impact these changes could mean for our day-to-day lives. Change can be scary. And unfortunately, our news media is not helping us comfortably embrace these unavoidable changes.

When they report on the challenges and changes that are coming, our news broadcasts are so filled with doom and gloom, and “the sky is falling” fears, it makes it almost impossible to remain hopeful or feeling good about the future. Add in high unemployment, a gridlocked congress, and threats of inflation, and it’s no wonder our primitive ego, the part of us that doesn’t like change has us feeling so scared and anxious.

But it is important to remember there is also a positive side to change that only the more enlightened, mature observing ego part of our psyche can appreciate.

Here are five facts that will empower us to

a) creatively cope with the changes that are coming and

b) avoid the fear and anxiety that change so often produces for the primitive ego of our inner-child.

Fact #1
When we deal with change, it’s helpful to remind ourselves the media survives primarily by selling advertising.
“Awfulizing” the potential impact of the challenges and changes that face us helps the media sell expensive advertising.

And the more they can frighten us, the more money they make.

Fact #2
There is little doubt that we are going to see some significant changes in our day-to-day lives in the next few years, but how we choose to respond to change is always our choice.

Change is not the end of the world…’s simple common sense.

For example, we know our states and our federal government has been spending well beyond their means for decades, so it’s obvious that our taxes are going to have to be increased and our expensive social services are going to have to be scaled back

There is no fairy god-mother coming to fix the financial problems we have created.

We can accept the necessity of these changes or we can rail against them.

So if we accept the obvious need for these changes, we will have to openly support the required changes to our fiscal policies, because history has shown our politicians are not going to vote for these unpopular changes if they believe it will harm them in the next election.

Fact #3
History is clear. American’s always stepped up to the plate and worked together to achieve whatever goals needed to be accomplished.

No matter how severe the cutbacks, our nation will not turn its back on the poor and disadvantaged in our country

Regardless of the impact the coming changes will have on our standard of living, we will not turn our back on the compassionate social values that make America a great and just nation.

Fact #4
Change is not something to be feared. Reality and history show us clearly that all change ultimately leads to positive growth and new opportunities.

For example, for last 150 years we have been living as if the natural resources of our planet were unlimited and narcissistically ours to use however we chose to use them.

The changes we are facing are going to force us into becoming a more realistic member of the world’s rapidly growing global culture. Our neighbors, the emerging nations of the world, have as much right to the planet’s resources as we do. Like it or not, we are going to have to learn to share.

As our awareness of “global community” grows and we learn to work more cooperatively with our global neighbors, our individual and national self-focused sense of “entitlement” will begin to diminish….as it should.

The changes and challenges that are coming will strengthen our national character.

Fact #5
At some level of consciousness, we “know” the majority of the changes coming are necessary and long overdue.

We should be welcoming them with open arms because they will become the catalyst’s that will revitalize our nation to become a better neighbor in our growing 21st century global culture…..a more enlightened nation reflecting the enlightened principles of mutuality, equality, freedom, and justice upon which we were founded.

The Divine Impulse to “become”——the universal spiritual energy that uses change to create all things——-is the most important and profound spiritual gift we will ever receive.

We need to embrace change; not fear it.

Dick Rauscher




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