Middlepath Spirituality – Insights from the Wilderness #4

Middlepath SpiritualityI first began teaching the concepts of middlepath spirituality in my Creative Relationship Workshops back in the 1990’s. Many workshop participants told me that it was one of the most helpful spiritual practices they learned in our time together.

Like most authentic spiritual paths, middlepath spirituality has nothing to do with religion…..it has everything to do with learning to become self-aware.

Middlepath spirituality simply means learning to actively search for, and honor, the truths found in the extremes on both sides of every issue we encounter.

It’s a lot easier to achieve a middlepath spirituality when we combine our middlepath consciousness with the ability to “empty” our mind of our rigid primitive ego beliefs….to embrace the spiritual practice of “not knowing”.

As we talk about often in the Stonyhill Nuggets, our primitive ego has an overwhelming need to be right. This need to be right inevitably brings a lot of conflict and suffering into our lives.

Only when our ego has “emptied” itself of the need to be right….when our consciousness is grounded in the more evolved middlepath concepts of unity, diversity, and inclusiveness, will we have the ability to create true peace and compassion.
All of history’s great spiritual teachers taught that any human belief that builds walls or creates labels that result in an “us-versus-them” sense of “otherness” is inherently caustic to the creation of compassion and non-violence.

In other words, until we learn to empty our ego of it’s rigid beliefs and certainties, and embrace the truths we find on both sides of any issue, the roots of conflict and suffering will continue to reside inside our own hearts.

Middlepath spirituality is experiential and can often be seen more clearly in Pagan, Native American, and Eastern religious cultures where all of creation is considered sacred….where there is less “religious” focus on dualistic categories of sacred versus secular, and right versus wrong.

A middlepath spirituality tends to be more focused on gratitude and simply learning to pay attention to the sacredness of each moment…..of learning to embrace silence, simplicity, listening, and living lightly on the planet that birthed us.

Any true search for sacred space will always be found on the middlepath.

© Dick Rauscher 2010

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