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Non-Dual Thinking

I was talking with a friend a while back. He said with amazement “Really, you’re going to write a book about mustard seeds! Good luck with that!”

I laughed and assured him the mustard seed is the metaphor for an important idea seed I plan to write about.

He stood up, grabbed his coffee, picked up his Barnes and Noble breakfast cannoli and said in a mock serious voice “I’m really looking forward to reading that book. I know a company that sells mustard seeds. Think I’ll pick up a few shares before the book comes out.”

As he walked away, I scribbled a few notes on my napkin. I could feel my mind slipping into gear. Perhaps I could title the book Awakening Our Human Consciousness: The Spiritual Path Beyond Primitive Ego. Not bad. That title could work I thought as my awareness of the chatter and noise of the Café drifted into the background…………

Great ideas always begin as a tiny mustard seed…..a seed that takes root in the mind, and begins to grow. The electric light, transistors, and DNA all began their journey into the world as mustard seeds.

The mustard seed I am excited to write about is non-dual thinking. Nonduality is an idea that has been germinating and sending down roots into the human consciousness for over three thousand years; an idea that’s been nurtured and supported by every spiritual mystic and spiritual teacher in human history.

I believe the world is ready to harvest the mustard seed “idea” of non-duality that our spiritual teachers have been protecting for us throughout human history. We need to awaken to the dangers of dualistic thinking and embrace the deeper wisdom potential of nonduality in our collective human consciousness; the wisdom needed to manage the life altering exponential technical and scientific growth that has taken place in the last few hundred years.

It is clear that the “facts” of science and technology have far out-paced the growth of human “wisdom” needed to manage, control, and live in harmony with the amazing creativity of the human mind.

The Awakening book will be my attempt to take the “idea” of non-dual thinking and get it planted into the fertile minds of our world’s more progressive spiritual thinkers so they can propagate and spread the seeds of “non-dual thinking” around the world.

The time for non-duality to officially enter the human consciousness has arrived. Non-dual thinking needs to be formally introduced and taught in our elementary and high school public educational system. It’s time to transform the dangerous black-and-white dualistic thinking of our infant human consciousness into a more evolved and matured non-dual adult consciousness.

I’m happy to report that my friend fully understands the power of an idea whose time has come. He is an encouraging and supportive cheerleader of my non-duality book and the weekly Stonyhill-Nugget Newsletter. He, like most readers of the Stonyhill-Nugget newsletter, understands the importance of spreading the “idea” seeds of “nondual thinking” around the world.

I believe the emergence of nondual thinking in human consciousness is now the most important evolutionary challenge facing humanity since the emergence of human consciousness itself.

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