Our Grandparents Seemed To Be Happier Than We Are – Insights from the Wilderness #37

Click here to listen to Dick read this NuggetAt times, when we stop growing, our inner light begins to dim and needs to be re-kindled by a new vision or a new idea. When we stop growing we rapidly run out of purpose and passion for life. When we stop growing we will soon find ourselves depressed and unhappy.

Why did our grandparents seem to be happier than we are?

Our world is experiencing an exponential growth that is impacting our emotional health, both individually and collectively. Many people seem to be losing their grip on happiness and meaning.

Our grandparents seemed to live in a less hectic, happier time.

Grandparents seemed happierIt is becoming increasingly clear that we not only, no longer live in the world that our grandparents grew up in, we are leaving that world behind us at light speed.

For example, it was not uncommon for our grandparents to live within a few miles of where they were born, they went to work for a company and often retired from that same company, and the change they had to cope with was minimal and manageable. A car basically had four tires, an engine, a carburetor, a starter, a water pump, and a distributor. When you opened the hood you could easily identify which one was the motor.

Dinner was on the table when grandpa arrived home at the end of the workday. Kids played games outdoors. Life was not distracted by television, cell phones, and computers.

Our grandparents grew up in very stable faith based communities that provided a unifying religious myth that gave their lives personal meaning and purpose. Personal salvation meant  don’t eat meat on Friday, and go to church on Sunday so you could develop a more intimate relationship with God.

For the most part, life was pretty simple.

Today, we live in a world of exponentially increasing change and complexity. We are encouraged to purchase technical products that give us access to the world, but they come with steep, time consuming, learning curves.

Religious myths focused on the tribal consciousness of pre-modern cultures are no longer speaking to our 21st century post-modern consciousness. They no longer help us cope with the overwhelmingly complex challenges and problems that face the modern world.

They served our grandparents well, but the conservative religious imperialism that results from those pre-modern religious beliefs have proven far too tribal, parochial, limiting and destabilizing for our growing global culture.

Stated simply, globalization, environmental changes, shortages in food, water, and natural resources require a “global unifying myth” based on an awakened, evolved, integral consciousness. A worldcentric consciousness that embraces high levels of tolerance, inclusiveness, diversity, social integration, cooperation, communication, and mutuality.

Anxiety and uncertainty are increasing as our mainline religions become increasingly ineffective and marginalized. We are losing our ability to find our “safe place” in this rapidly changing world.

What is our role? Why are we here? How can we matter?

We struggle to rediscover hope, to be grounded spiritually and somehow reclaim the happy lives of our grandparents.

There is a growing awareness that humanity needs a “unifying myth” that offers a worldcentric, integral spirituality large enough to embrace every person and every culture…….not just one religion, or one country, or one ethnic group, or one economic class.

The only unifying myth that fits that description is an evolutionary spirituality based the 13.7 billion year story of evolution and the conscious evolution of our human psyche.

We are the first generation in human history to really understand the evolutionary story of our universe and the Co-creative role we have been given.

We are the first generation of humans to understand that evolution is a deep-time story that is going somewhere. We know that we are not the end product of evolution. We are simply a local consciousness in this corner of the galaxy that is still evolving.

For the first time in human history we are able to understand the “Evolutionary Impulse” of the “Initiating Consciousness” driving the creation of our universe……a evolutionary process that uses increased complexity, cooperation, and inter-dependence to create more complex levels of life and consciousness.

Evolution can provide us with the elements of a powerful new unifying myth. A worldcentric spirituality that can re-kindle the light within us…..an evolutionary spirituality capable of providing us with new meaning, purpose, and passion for life.

Our human psyche is happiest when we are growing, becoming, and evolving.

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