Our Inner-Child Primitive Ego Lacks Emotional Stability – Insights from the Wilderness #132

Our Inner-Child Primitive Ego Lacks Emotional Stability

All true awakening of our consciousness begins with the awareness that the primitive psyche of our childhood ego; the unconscious beliefs, emotions, thoughts, fears, desires, assumptions, and expectations of our inner-child’s unconscious primitive ego, is the bedrock foundation or primitive scaffolding upon which all of us construct our “adult” egos.

If our foundation, or scaffolding, is weak, the adult “self” we construct “on” that foundation will also be weak.

Our Primitive Ego Creates a False “Self”

It is this bedrock foundation that our primitive ego uses to create its core self-identity or sense of “self” ——–the sense of “self” we refer to as “me”, “mine”, and “I”. Unfortunately, this “self” identity or personality that our primitive ego so carefully creates for us is an illusion——a “false self” that our primitive ego whole heartedly “believes” is our actual “true self”.

The social conditioning we received from our childhood environment, and the experiences of our childhood unconsciously shaped the personality of our primitive ego’s “false self”. Until we become intentionally self-aware, this concealed conditioning that defines our “false self” can be very difficult for us to “see”.

When the emotions embedded the experiences of childhood are intense and powerful, the more our primitive ego uses them to create our sense of self. The stronger those emotions are, the more our primitive ego tends to feel “real”. The problem, however, is the more emotional charged those primitive memories are, the more reactive and unstable our primitive ego “false self” will be.

Until we have the courage to become self-aware, our unconscious primitive ego will simply not support the more complex values, scaffolding, and structures of an awakened, enlightened consciousness.

In other words, it will not provide the stability needed to support the creation of an awakened mind.

Reinforcing The Shaky “Self” Structures Of Our Unconscious Primitive Ego

When the foundation of our primitive ego’s false “self “ has sections of that foundation that are missing, damaged, or deformed, it needs to be shored up, repaired, replaced, or reinforced.

Intentional self-awareness is the spiritual practice that gives us the ability to inspect, and begin repairs on our primitive ego’s shaky foundational scaffolding. It is self-awareness that allows us to journey from the shaky rugged individualism of our primitive ego’s false self, to the stability of a more awakened and conscious self.

When we attempt to ignore the emotional experiences, learning’s, and cultural conditioning of childhood because we lack the courage to explore the shadow part of our primitive ego through intentional self-awareness, the probability of achieving success, happiness, or authentic spiritual growth as an “adult” will be very low.

When the foundational “self” structures of our primitive ego are based on illusion rather than reality, it will make us weak, unhappy, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. When we feel weak we become even more self-absorbed and “me” focused. Our ability to drop our narcissistic self-focus and embrace a more contemplative, middlepath “we” consciousness is significantly compromised.

When we feel weak, we tend to hold more firmly onto the very beliefs that “make” us weak.

Until we awaken and evolve our consciousness, all of the structures of “self” that we construct from life’s more “adult” experiences and learning’s, will rest on the shaky, unconscious foundational scaffolding of our childhood cultural conditioning, and the worldviews of our very young inner-child. When that happens, the foundation we use construct the psyche and personality of our adult ego will be sitting on very soft sand.

Because so few people are encouraged to become intentionally self-aware,  most of us alive today have constructed an adult “self” using the primitive, emotional scaffolding, and illusions of their child psyche ——unaware of the amazing inner world that contains their “true”, “authentic self”.


Awakening an enlightened adult human consciousness; a consciousness capable of achieving an authentic spiritual growth requires the evolution of our human consciousness from that of our self-focused primitive ego, to the “we” focus that embraces the evolutionary aspect of all reality———-a shift from an evolutionary focus on self, to an evolutionary focus on humanity——a consciousness that understands that life is a team sport, and the simple reality that our success in this life is directly related to our ability to add value to the lives of those around us.

Awakening is a lifetime process of releasing the energy of our authentic self—-a consciousness beyond ego——a consciousness that is fully awakened and living into its own evolutionary potential.

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