Owning My Own Feelings

This is a great question from a reader… Would the process of owning my feelings be just to observe them?

here is how I responded…….

When we take the time to stop and observe our feelings, the goal is to explore the beliefs that reside behind them. Every feeling we experience is created by a mental belief that we hold in our thoughts. This is especially important when we have negative feelings. We almost always send negative energy into the world when we have negative feelings. If we are able to sit with the feelings, the thoughts that created the negative feeling will become clear…….often an expectation that wasn’t met, a judgment about someone’s behavior or comment, a belief that something just isn’t right, etc.

The negative feeling means we are either distorting reality ( our expectation “should” have been met!!!!!!!), or we are resisting reality (the rain ruined the whole day!!!).

As we become more self-aware, we begin to see the thoughts that are generating our feelings and creating the negative energy we are sending into the world.

Without self-awareness our ego will continue to create unhappiness in our lives.

Thanks for taking the time to send along the question. When we share our questions, we give voice to the questions that other have.


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