Political Election – Making A List And Checking It Twice

Political ElectionHave you noticed how the national elections are sounding more and more like a Christmas event?

Everybody seems to have a “want” going into this election…a wish that they would like to see come true.

Given that virtually every adult human alive today is emotionally controlled by their core consciousness…the unconscious primitive ego of their inner-child…this is not at all surprising.

We know from the insights of Primitive Ego Psychology that when we get overwhelmed or confused, we tend to regress into our primitive core consciousness…the primitive ego of our unconscious inner-child.

So let’s take a quick look and see how our understanding of primitive ego can help us sort through all the distortions and rhetoric we are being subjected to in the press and on television.

I’ll try to keep it simple and give you a few concepts that you might find helpful on November 2nd 2010 elections.

Three Important Aspects of a Primitive Ego Consciousness

  1. We know that the primitive ego is very narcissistic and “me” oriented…it tends to be very greedy. We are driven by a survival of the fittest thinking process.
  2. We know that the primitive ego has very little ability to delay gratification. It wants what it wants when it wants it. Our thinking tends to become very short term focused on what is best for ourselves.
    Again, we fall into a survival of the fittest mentality.
  3. We know that the primitive ego uses a very primitive black-and-white thinking process…a thinking process that tends to think in extremes.
    Our primitive core consciousness narcissistically assumes that all of its beliefs represent absolute truth. Our beliefs are always “right”.

So let see what these three insights into primitive ego thinking might tell us about:

  • the politicians and the political parties going into this election,
  • the hundreds of millions of dollars of special interest money that is flowing into the election process,
  • the mind set of the average voter, and most importantly,
  • how we can use our knowledge of primitive ego psychology to become better informed voters on November 2nd..

The Mindset Of The Politicians And The Political Parties

We can already see the effect of primitive black-and-white thinking in the unprecedented level of grid lock in Washington. It is hard to be flexible and open to new ideas and compromise when you know that you possess the “absolute truth“.

Every politician is narcissistically convinced that their ideology represent absolute truth, they want what they want “now”, and they are focused on doing what ever it requires for them to get elected…including:

  • distortions of the issues,
  • character assignations of those who disagree with them,
  • allowing themselves to be controlled by the greed and wishes of the special interest groups that give them money for their election campaigns, and most appalling,
  • an unconscionable disregard for the urgent issues that face our nation and our world such as:
    • the urgent need for an effective energy policy,
    • control of carbon emissions,
    • the growing CO2 emissions that result in global warming,
    • learning to live within our means as a nation, and
    • addressing the growing gap between the poor and the very wealthy.

The Mindset Of The Average Voter

Given the fact that the core conscious or primitive ego of the average voter is emotionally controlling their adult lives, we can be certain that most voters are going to be driven by greed and narcissistically focused on “what’s in it for them” in this election…who is going to cut taxes and who is going to get them more government handouts.

Despite the fact that the banking crisis, the housing foreclosure crisis, the wall street greed, and the high level of unemployment is the result of half a century of failed financial policies, the average voter is going to want all the problems facing our nation fixed “right now“.

In other words, they will tend to be very susceptible to the black-and-white ideological thinking of anyone with an extreme point of view or theory on who is to fault and to what needs to be done.

So What Can We Learn From Primitive Ego Psychology To Make Us Better Voters?

First, and most importantly, we can shift our thinking from a narcissistic “what’s in it for us” point of view and begin to ask ourselves, not what do “we want“, but rather what does our nation and the world “need” right now?

We can keep in mind the high level of narcissism and greed that drives the primitive core consciousness in each of us….the primitive ego consciousness and greed based thinking process behind all of the economic crisis that we are currently struggling with, such as…

  • the banking and Wall Street mess we are in,
  • the housing foreclosure mess were in, and
  • the need for all the public bail out money that was given these institutions and their top executives at a time when we are experiencing well over 10% unemployment in the rest of our county…….

to name only a few.

Keeping in mind the insights of primitive ego psychology and the fact that virtually all of these problems were caused by someone’s primitive ego greed and the gross lack of regulatory laws and oversight in these institutions will help to remind us that anyone who tells us that we don’t need oversight and financial reform in our country is either ignorant, greedy, or lying. Probably all three.

Then we can begin thinking long range:

  • To think further into the future and ask ourselves “what is best for our country“?
  • Where do we want our nation and the world to be a generation from now?
  • What kind of world do we want to create for our grand children’s generation?

Our primitive ego is very invested in feeling safe. It uses denial to believe that it is not in danger. It looks for easy answers so it can feel better. So be very careful of short term promises that try to convince us that all is well.

We need to remember the prophetic words of Wendell Berry who wrote…”the concept of unlimited economic expansion is a dangerous myth“.

Like it or not we are dealing with very serious financial problems in our country. They are not going to be fixed overnight regardless of what others might tell us. And we are certainly going to have to either raise taxes, reduce handouts, or encourage severe inflation to get our economy back on a sustainable footing. Probably all three.

If anyone tells you otherwise, you are probably listening to primitive ego ignorance or out-and-out lies.

And lastly, we can intentionally look for the middle-path truth on both sides of every issue and look with distrust on the opinions and solutions of anyone who claims to have the truth…”the” answer to our problems.

Humanity urgently needs to intentionally mature and evolve its primitive ego core consciousness.

Perhaps we can begin to use our understanding of primitive ego psychology to make a difference on November 2nd.

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