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Primitive Ego eBookI’m excited to announce the launch of my eBook! After weeks of writing, editing, and formatting, I’m pleased to now share with you: eBook for Life Coaches: Taming the Primitive Ego.

This book is about learning to see life and reality through the eyes of a professional Therapist/Life Coach. This introduction to Primitive Ego Psychology was written for Life Coaches, Mental Health Counselors, and anyone wishing to improve the quality of their life.

The goal of this book is introducing the reader to the reality distorting beliefs of our childhood primitive ego. Through a step by step learning process, the author introduces the reader to the skills and insights needed to understand and tame their primitive ego and awaken their consciousness. Learning to tame our childhood primitive ego and knowing how our mind works is essential if we want to master the skills and insights needed to create a happy and successful life.

Awakening our consciousness is an inward journey that allows us to see the world through new eyes, change the way we think, and grow in self-awareness. Only through an awakened consciousness are we able to manifest compassion in the world, add value to our own lives, and the lives of others.

Professional life coaches, life coaching students, mental health counselors, and anyone interested in improving the quality of their lives will find this book a powerful resource.

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