Primitive Ego – Insights from the Wilderness #161

Primitive EgoThe formation of our unconscious inner-child psyche, and its primitive (young) ego, takes place from birth through the first six or seven years of childhood and becomes the unconscious internal operating system that creates our “personality”. Our “inner-child” and its primitive ego represent all of the conditioned learning’s, and experiences of childhood——both the good and the bad.

At about seven years of age all of these childhood experiences, and the conditioned learning’s we absorb from our childhood environment, reach a point in our human development in which we are able to experience ourselves as a unique “self”. As one seven year old child said “I’m the only “me” like “me” in the whole world”! At that moment of true “self” awareness, our “self-identity” slides quietly into our unconscious. The unconscious operating system we call the primitive ego of our inner-child psyche is now in place and ready to take control of our lives.

Everything we know about love, relationships, trust, control, what is safe, what is unsafe, generosity, empathy, care, mutuality, our ability to attach to others, fears of abandonment, cooperation, all the wounds, all the trauma, all of our bent nickel beliefs, and all our survival skills are now contained in our unconscious primitive ego. Our brain’s “operating system” is now in place, and just like our laptop computer, our brain would not function without our primitive ego operating system.

Like the invisible operating system we installed in our computer, everything we do or create in our life will be controlled by the unconscious operating system called our primitive ego. Until we awaken our consciousness, and become intentionally self-aware of the energy we are sending into the world, the unconscious primitive ego of our seven-year-old inner-child will be controlling the choices, thoughts, and behaviors of our adult lives.

Stated another way, we can pretend to function in the world as independent autonomous adults, but until our consciousness is awakened through the spiritual practice of intentional self-awareness, the primitive ego of our inner-child will be running our lives. Our primitive ego does not like change. It likes the status quo. It has created our self-identity and will resist any new information that challenges that self-identity.

Because we tend to “see” only what we already believe about the world, every experience we have that conflicts with our conditioned childhood beliefs will be ignored, denied, avoided, rejected or distorted so-as-to make it conform to what we already believe. In other words, until we awaken our true observing ego consciousness, the growth of a more spiritually enlightened, or evolved adult consciousness, will be all but impossible to achieve.

Only when our consciousness, and our spiritual intelligence evolves and matures, will we be capable of creating an authentic spirituality for the 21st century; an evolutionary spirituality that opens our hearts and allows us to embrace all peoples, all cultures, all nations, and the wisdom contained in our all of our world’s various religions.

Primitive Ego Psychology is providing us with the insights and skills necessary to transform our unconscious primitive ego, and more intentionally evolve our individual and collective human consciousness, but, until we awaken our adult consciousness and undertake the intentional evolution of our inner-child’s primitive ego consciousness, our ability to create a spiritually intelligent, compassionate global human culture will be severely limited.

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