Racism In American Politics – Insights from the Wilderness #180

Racism In American PoliticsA new year always gives us the opportunity to re-set; to look within and embrace new realities for ourselves; new ways to think about who we are and who we want to become.

All of us get conditioned in childhood. We pick up beliefs from the culture we are raised in, including the prejudicial beliefs of our caregivers, and the sometimes less than helpful beliefs of those we hang out with in childhood.

Childhood conditioning tends to be unconscious; it enters us by osmosis. We simply absorb the beliefs of the culture that surrounds us. This conditioning takes up residence in the primitive ego psyche of our unconscious inner-child. It becomes part of our self-identity; our shadow self. As we grow, we hold tight to these childhood beliefs and we defend them as absolute truth.

The most harmful and destructive aspects of this unconscious childhood conditioning are those beliefs that embrace prejudice and racism. When these unconscious judgmental beliefs from childhood are present in our nation’s political system, the results can look much like the political racism we are currently observing in congress.

This kind of conditioned prejudice and racism becomes visible when we recognize that opposition to President Obama is personal; not political. Because the color of his skin is not the color of the ruling class; the ruling class that history has moved beyond, they want him to fail—-regardless of whether his legislative proposals are good for the nation or not. They simply want him to fail. They are fearful that the mantle of power will shift from the current white, elderly male Christian power base, to that of a younger, black, Hispanic, or female power base.

When Tea Party politicians openly state that they are against everything President Obama is trying to accomplish, their racial bias and conditioning becomes very clear. The are not politically motivated based on differences of opinion regarding the legislative programs being offered, they unyieldingly reject those proposals because of the color of our President. They are unwilling to debate. They are unwilling to compromise. Their primary goal is making certain that President Obama’s legislative agendas and programs fail. Period.

Childhood conditioning as I mentioned above is very powerful, it tends to be unconscious, and it is not uncommon for beliefs from childhood to be aggressively defended as absolute truth. Given these realities, it makes sense that a politician raised in a southern state, or a southern border state, might be racially biased——given the fact that they were the children of a generation that openly embraced a 200 year old southern culture of racism.

When 81% of the Tea Party politicians in Washington come from southern confederate states, and mid-western border states that embrace confederate southern cultures, it makes sense that the probability of racial prejudice in the childhood conditioning of politicians from those states is extremely high——–that culturally conditioned racism is behind most of the gridlock and irrational ideological extremism we are witnessing from the congressional Tea Party movement. It is also very telling that there is not a single representative from New England found in the ideologically radical, anti-Obama, Tea Party Caucus of the House of Representatives.

We are talking serious levels of racial prejudice when GOP tea party members have used congressional filibusters 82 times to block Presidential appointments and policies in the last six years. This is compared to only 86 filibusters in all the rest of American political history. Simple ideological differences would not create, or explain, this level of resistant anti-Obama behavior, and the lack of compromise in congress——-but unconscious racism defended as absolute truth would—-and does.

The kind of anger and ideological aggression we are witnessing in Washington against anything “Obama” is a form of racial hatred that will ultimately destroy those who embrace that kind of energy. Prejudice always denies the reality of change——a sure and certain reality that ideological Tea Party racism will be left behind by history and the evolutionary growth of human consciousness in the 21st century. The ideological racial blindness that Tea party GOP politicians are trapped in—–is a clear indication that they are emotionally embedded in the racial prejudice of an 18th and 19th century America—–not the America of the 21st century.

The primitive ego of our Tea Party politicians may not like change, but unless they are willing to awaken to the blatant racism they are manifesting, they need to be quickly voted out of office. They represent a very dangerous form of ideological extremism to democracy in America.

Ideological fundamentalism denies the reality of change whether we are talking about religious fundamentalism or political fundamentalism; and both are destabilizing and dangerous to a planet that is rapidly becoming a 21st century global human culture.

Jewish Mystic – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Racism is man’s gravest threat to man—the maximum hatred for a minimum reason.”

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