Time For A Revolution In Human Consciousness: Time To Grow Up As A Species – Insights From The Wilderness (#278)

In all the years that I’ve been writing the Stonyhill-Nugget newsletter, I have never experienced the volume of email that I now receive daily from folks who are frightened. Folks who are struggling with despair. Folks who feel insignificant and totally powerless in the face of overwhelmingly complex problems that threaten their future and life as they know it.

The concerns voiced in these emails are both sobering and heartbreaking. How do I survive when the future isn’t what it used to be? How to I find hope and purpose in a world that seems to be falling apart? How do I find meaning in all the chaos? How can I move beyond the anxiety, depression, and fear that seems to be consuming my life?

I believe these emails from friends and long time readers of the Stonyhill-Nuggets are speaking for many others in our nation. Our nation and our world feel like they are rapidly devolving into chaos. Life is becoming a struggle to find hope in a world that seems to be:

  • embroiled in a never-ending conflict between colliding, rigid, ideological beliefs, and
  • caught in a never-ending conflict between opposing beliefs of “absolute truths” that are shutting down progress, dialogue, and compromise.

Rigid ideological beliefs are threatening to turn our future into a nightmare that doesn’t go away when we get out of bed in the morning.

We Need A Revolution In Human Consciousness. Now!

We have become a world so caught up in our “beliefs,” we no longer have the ability to pay attention to reality; to live in the moment. It’s as if reality has been replaced by inflexible ideological beliefs. Facts no longer matter. Science no longer matters. Only our beliefs matter. And those inflexible beliefs are rapidly replacing reality in our world.

It’s time for a global revolution in human consciousness. And we need that revolution now. As Martin Luther King reminded us, if we don’t begin to deal with the underlying core values and actions that are creating the problems threatening our future; we will be marching forever.

The last person alive on our planet will still be carrying a sign and marching endlessly alone for their cause… instead of awakening their consciousness and fighting for the compassionate values and enlightened actions that could have brought light into the world.

Five Critical Revolutions Needed To End The Growing Chaos

Here are five important revolutions that I believe we all need to embrace in order to confront the rapidly growing chaos of our world. Five revolutions in human consciousness that are urgently needed. All five deal with the core issues that I believe are creating the problems that threaten the future of humanity, and our planet.

 Revolution #1: We need to learn to fight “for” our rights and compassionate values.

In other words, we need to learn to aggressively fight “for” the light, not passively “against” the darkness. When we fight “for” we bring the light of collective action and change into the world. When we fight “against,” we offer only passive resistance to those who would increase the darkness.

When all our energy goes into fighting “against” the darkness, burnout is common. The energy and action needed to create the light we long for too often die stillborn.

Revolution #2: Inner-peace precedes the creation of a peaceful world.

Only a peaceful mind has the power to create a peaceful world. We need to focus on how to live and behave with compassion and empathy, not what to “believe.” Common good and mutual benefit are the core values of a peaceful world. Human nature is compassionate. We need to work together to create a more compassionate and peaceful world.

Revolution #3: Focus on the skills and habits that empower successful people

We are losing our sense of empowerment. We are feeling powerless, helpless, and invisible. It feels like no matter what we say or do, the darkness continues to grow.

We need to embrace the skills, habits, and behaviors of successful people and reclaim the power that emerges when we embrace the wisdom to work together collectively. Click here for a list of skills and habits of successful people. It’s a good place to begin your re-empowerment revolution!

We are not powerless! Our Constitution reminds us that when we exercise our right to vote and actively speak out against the darkness in a democracy, our politicians are obliged to listen to us. When they don’t, we vote them out of office. Period!

We need a revolution to reclaim our power. We need to take action to bring light into the world. We are not powerless when we take action together.

Revolution #4: Recognize that the problems that threaten our nation and our planet… all come from our childhood conditioning.

Our beliefs about the world are unconsciously formed in childhood. Unfortunately, these childhood beliefs can be dangerous illusions when we attempt to bring them into our adult world. The ability to look inward and bring those childhood beliefs into the light of our adult consciousness is the most important revolution humanity needs to embrace. Now!

For example,

  • We formed and then protected our fragile self-identity by the never-ending need to be “right”. The need to be “right” became a habit that gave birth to the aggressive judgmentalism we project onto anyone who has the audacity to challenged the “rightness” of our beliefs, opinions, assumptions, expectation, and sense of entitlement. Compassion and empathy became the victims of this kind of thinking.
  • As we struggled to establish our own “self” identity, we grew up with the narcissistic habit of focusing on our own needs, not the needs of others. Our unconscious mantra became what’s in it for me?
  • In the pursuit of a stable “self”-identity, we assumed we were a “self” separate from the rest of reality and creation. As a result, we learned to see others, nature, even our planet… as an object. An “it”. Everything outside of ourselves became an object with no intrinsic “thou” value….other than how “it” could be used for our own benefit.

Our environmental crises is a spiritual crisis. We need a revolution in the way we “see” the rest of creation. We need to “see” the “thou” embedded in the world around us, and experience the awe present in the rest of creation….. in others, in other living beings, in our planet, and in Nature herself. Awe has the power to create love. And that love is the powerful foundation of caring and compassion that our planet needs so badly these days.

Revolution #5: Learning to tame the inner green dragon.

When I began developing the concepts in Primitive Ego Psychology and writing on the subject of taming the primitive ego, I typically referred to our childhood primitive ego as the “unconscious primitive ego of our childhood conditioning.

Primitive Ego Definition

Over the years I fell in love with a metaphor called our inner green dragon when talking about our childhood primitive ego and its conditioning.

I slowly adopted this inner green dragon metaphor because it very accurately describes the fiery, judgmental, self-focused, aggressive energy that our primitive ego too often unconsciously sends into the world.

Of all the revolutions, I am convinced that taming the unconscious energy of our childhood primitive ego, or inner green dragon, is the most important revolution humanity needs to embrace. It is the cancer eating away at our democracy. It is the cancer that is destroying our planet, creating wars, increasing hunger and poverty, displacing immigrants, and creating the multi-trillion dollar never-ending war our nation has been fighting for decades.

Until we learn to tame the unconscious conditioning of childhood, our inner green dragon will continue sending this unconscious corrosive negative energy into the world.

  • The need to always be “right” and the judgmental energy being “right” creates.
  • The obsessive need to focus on greed and “what’s in it for me.
  • The illusion that we are separate from the rest of creation creates the unconscious “tribal” belief that anyone who looks, sounds, behaves, or believes differently from us is experienced as an “other” to be feared.

The revolution we need more than any other is the ability to pay attention to the inner green dragon energy we are unconsciously sending into the world. This is a work anyone can do. All it requires is the courage to look inward with complete self-honesty at the beams in our own eye. The courage to become intentionally self-aware and the courage to fully accept the uncomfortable realities we discover on that inner journey.


We need a global revolution to awaken the human consciousness and create a sense of oneness in humanity. We need to put our energy and focus on the core issue that is at the foundation of all problems threatening our future as a species… the sobering reality that virtually every problem and crisis facing humanity today… has been created by the unconscious conditioning of childhood.

I call this taming of the inner green dragon, and our intentional awakening and growth in self-awareness, the consciousness of an awakened dragon master. Anyone can learn to tame the inner green dragon of their childhood ego and become a dragon master; a warrior for the light of peace and compassion. All it takes is the courage to look inward for the many illusions and conditioning of childhood, and the courage to face what you discover without flinching or denial of its presence.

And we need that revolution in human consciousness now.

Only intentional growth in self-awareness is capable of creating an awakened human consciousness with the power to bring light back into the world. A global human consciousness powerful enough to bring light into the growing darkness.

Only light can successfully overcome darkness.

Note: Taming our unconscious inner green dragon energy is the most important evolutionary growth in human consciousness we will face in the 21st century.

I am convinced that until we are successful in awakening from the unconscious conditioning of childhood, our future success and survival as a species will be problematic.

I will be expanding and diving deeper into these concepts of “a revolution in human consciousness” in future Nuggets. If you find the ideas in these Stonyhill-Nugget articles helpful, please forward them to others who you think would find them useful.

I encourage reader feedback, suggestions, insights, ideas on how to help all of us become awakened revolutionaries in human consciousness. The future of our nation and our planet will be largely determined by this awakening.







2 Responses to Time For A Revolution In Human Consciousness: Time To Grow Up As A Species – Insights From The Wilderness (#278)

  1. Dick, this is a terrific article! It contains volumes of insights into ‘self’ and the problems that beset humanity. My concern is your thesis statement that our problems stem from ‘our unconscious conditioning of childhood.’ Although most of your material is very accurate in assessing the ‘green Dragon’, I am of the opinion that our planetary plight is much more complex than that. We live in a cosmic reality that has added many positive as well as negative factors that have multi-layered implications, and options, some of which are beyond our control, as well as our conscious awareness. I think that one of our best options for preparedness and empowerment is just that – our conscious awareness.
    Just an observation on your repeated use of the term, “need.” Yes, we “need” to do all the things you assert, but I would suggest there are more effective communication styles. For me, ‘we need’ can be pretty intimidating and judgmental to those who are up to their armpits in alligators. Concrete and/or alternate suggestions would be more helpful. Taking your thesis, and observations/suggestions to the next level of insight could be transformational for the reader. Perhaps that is where you are going in future installments. I will be looking for your explanations and solutions to our need for “A Revolution In Human Consciousness.”

    • Dick Rauscher May 11, 2017 at 8:14 am #

      Thanks for the feedback William. I have been writing for years about the need to greater self-awareness and the taming of our primitive childhood ego. I am now beginning to relate that need to the various problems threatening our future. One of my goals in future article will be to focus on specific solutions and way to achieve the goal of greater self-awareness….to become a more “observing” consciousness. Thanks again for the feedback. It’s appreciated and helpful.
      Dick R.

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