Satan Is Getting A Bad Rap – Insights from the Wilderness #25

© Dick Rauscher, 2011

Satan Is Getting A Bad RapWhen I was younger, there was an old saying that my friends and I would use, tongue in cheek, whenever we had done something bad. We would shrug our shoulders and say “the Devil made me do it”. Then we would laugh and move on.

Our laughter of course was a reflection that we didn’t really believe the Devil had anything to do with the choices we had just made.

We knew that we were fully responsible for our actions and the consequences of our choices.

As I grew older, this knowledge also made it difficult for me to accept the religious belief that God would punish us for things the “Devil” made us do, for things that were outside of our control.

The explanation that we simply could not understand the mystery of how God works always felt like a cop-out to me.

Over the years, my understanding of “God” has changed. Because the creation of all form is first preceded by consciousness, I now refer to the Consciousness of God as simply the “Creator”.

For 14.7 billion years the consciousness of the Creator has been creating our universe. About 35 thousand years ago human consciousness evolved. We became conscious of our consciousness. We now had the ability to create virtually any “form” we could imagine in our minds….such as tools, wheels, bridges, computers, and space ships.

In other words, at that moment in the evolutionary history of the universe, through our consciousness, humans became Co-Creative working partners with the Creator. We became agents of change. As Co-Creators we are now responsible for the forms that we chose to create…..including our “religions”.

So why is all of this important? What difference does it make in our ability to live happier lives? Or to be more successful?

We have created our religions. But continuing to think of God as an all-powerful theistic Santa Claus sitting in heaven using our prayers to “run” the universe, and blaming Satan for all the bad stuff that happens, is a very effective way to avoid conscious responsibility for the forms that we create. And avoiding responsibility for the choices we make and the forms we create is an excellent way to remain unhappy in life.

The religions we have created lead to a deep sense of helplessness in us. A feeling that we are somehow powerless to change our lives. We unconsciously experience ourselves as puppets.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

We have the ability to create love and compassion. We also have the ability to create evil and suffering. They are not “God” and “Satan’s” responsibility. They are choices that are made in our own hearts!

It’s human nature for our primitive ego to want to blame others for how we are feeling and the choices we make, but until we choose to take full responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and choices, and learn to stop blaming others for the lives we are living, our lives are not going to change. If we are unhappy, we will remain unhappy.

We can choose to be happy and successful.

Creating happiness in our life begins only when we choose to change the way we think…… when we stop blaming our unhappiness on others and external causes.

Bottom line?…..Satan has gotten a bad rap long enough, it’s time we took responsibility for the unhealthy forms we create, and the choices we make….or not.

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