Search for Truth on Both Sides of Issues – Insights from the Wilderness #3

Search for Truth on Both Sides of IssuesIt is important to remember that every issue always has at least two points of view and it is important to search for the truth on both sides. Every issue needs those individuals or organizations who are able to go to the fringes of the issue and articulate for us the truths that are found there because there is always truth on both sides of any issue.

It is difficult to live peacefully or make progress until the people on both sides of any issue learn to intentionally look for the truths on the other side of the issue. When we stop searching for the truth in the other persons point of view, the inevitable result is conflict and gridlock.

When one side or the other begins to believe that they alone are the bearers of truth; that they are the possessor of the “absolute” truth on the issue, they begin to over-polarize the issue and quickly become rigid and extreme in their beliefs.

We see this happening today in Congress. Both political parties have become rigidly black-and-white in their thinking. They have not only lost the wisdom that there is truth to be found on both sides of any issue, they have obviously forgotten that Democracy is a messy form of government that requires debate and discussion……and compromise.

Stated simply, they have regressed to a primitive ego level of consciousness and have become rigid, primitive black-and-white thinkers.

It’s time both sides, both political parties, step back, reaffirm a wiser, more mature, more adult thinking process……and learn to walk a middlepath that is capable of embracing some gray.

Using a primitive, childhood black and white thinking process  to solve the critically important issues that face our nation and world is a sure and certain formula that will only lead to more gridlock and internal conflict. We desperately need creative solutions, adult cooperation, and the adult ability to embrace compromise. The rest of the world is beginning to see Washington as a bunch of immature, spoiled children.

Unless our politicians grow up very quickly, I would suggest we send them home and elect more mature adults to guide our country.

© Dick Rauscher 2010


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