Searching For Spirituality – Insights from the Wilderness #10

Searching For SpiritualityAre you searching for spirituality like so many people are today? Religious piety and an authentic spirituality are two very different subjects.

When we grow in religious piety, we are considered devout or good when we adhere to or follow the beliefs of one particular religion.

The stronger our religious beliefs, the more we inflexibly we adhere to the beliefs, rituals, and dictates of that religion.

Because of our narcissistic primitive ego’s tendency to use black-and-white thinking, it almost always assumes that its beliefs are “right” and represent “THE truth”. This is especially true when it comes to our religious beliefs.

As a result, our primitive ego can become very egotistical and quickly turn our piety into a form of religious imperialism; an imperialism that often leads to violence, conflict, and judgmentalism when others choose to believe differently or challenge our religious beliefs.

An enlightened or authentic spirituality always reflects a deep sense of “not-knowing”, or emptiness of ego, that is never found in those who have a judgmental piety and inflexible religious beliefs.

All religions are capable of creating the true compassion and loving kindness found in an authentic spirituality, but regardless of our “religious” beliefs, a truly enlightened and authentic spirituality is always gentle and compassionate.

It always embraces the sacredness of all creation and actively and intentionally seeks the middlepath truths found on all spiritual paths.

To develop an authentic spirituality we must first be willing to intentionally become self-aware… to remove the narcissistic, judgmental beam in our own eye.

As we begin to see clearly the judgmental energy that is created by our primitive ego’s egocentric piety, and our inflexible religious beliefs, an amazing transformation will begin…we will find ourselves effortlessly beginning to manifest a more gentle and enlightened consciousness.

A true, non-judgmental compassion can only be created by an evolved authentic spirituality.

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