Secrets To Living A Successful Life – Insights from the Wilderness #110

I know it is hard to believe, but if you want to live a successful and happy life, if you want to become the person you were meant to be, then you have to accept the following simple truth.

Secrets To Living A Successful Life

Simple Truth: People may be misguided, they may be out in left field, they may be shooting themselves in the foot, they may be unable to see the obvious reality that they are their own worst enemy, they may be causing you pain, they might be driving you crazy—–but until they awaken their consciousness, every person you have ever met in the past, and every person you will ever meet in the future, is doing the best they know how to do.

We may procrastinate. We may not do what we know would be helpful for us to do. But it is not possible for a human being to do less than the best they can do. And that includes you and me.

We all create an unconscious “story” for ourselves in childhood. And that story, which is often a very “sad” story, becomes the template for how we live our lives. We were never understood, nobody loved us, our parents were too controlling, too busy, too self absorbed, we grew up too poor, we never got the breaks that other kids got—–the list of reasons why we are not happy and successful can be endless. In our sad story from childhood, it is almost always someone else’s fault that we are not happy and successful.

We forget that our “story” is simply our childhood. It’s the past. It’s ancient history. It’s what happened many, many years ago. But because it has become the unconscious template for our lives, we continue the habit of searching the world for someone, or some situation to blame for our unhappiness and lack of success.

If our goal is happiness and success in life, then there are two important skills that we must learn.

Skill #1 is accepting the reality that “we” personally, not our childhood history, are responsible for creating the life we are currently living, and the life we will live tomorrow.

Skill #2 begins with the ability to accept the simple truth above—–to know that everyone is doing the best they know how to do——and then we have to learn to forgive them.

And that includes learning to forgive ourselves for things we might have done unconsciously in the past—before we awakened our consciousness. We too were doing the best we knew how to do.

When we are unable to forgive, be it ourselves or others, we are destined to use our essential life energy carrying around the emotional and spiritual burdens of our past; the shame, the guilt, the pain, the negative feelings, the judgmental resentments.

The ability to forgive is the spiritual key that frees us from a life trapped in the past embracing the depressive belief that we are powerless victims——endlessly repeating the sad story of childhood, slogging our way through the muddy beliefs and distortions of childhood, and holding tight to the shame that inevitably results whenever a person attempts to live life unconsciously.

When we forgive we are letting the baggage of the past go. We are freeing ourselves to move on, learn from the experiences that life brings us, and become the person we were born to be. Until we learn to forgive we are destined to living our lives looking backwards.

You wouldn’t attempt to drive your car looking backwards, so why would you want to live your life that way?

Conclusion: Life brings us experiences—-some helpful, some unhelpful. But all of them contain wisdom. Our job is to awaken to the wisdom contained in all of life’s experiences, use that wisdom to grow spiritually and emotionally, and move toward the future and the amazing opportunity life gives each of us—-the ability to create that which has not yet been created—the life we were meant to live.

As we awaken our consciousness; taking full responsibility for our lives, and learning to forgive, are two of the most important spiritual practices we can incorporate into our lives.

Learn to forgive.

It is the most important gift you will ever give yourself.

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