Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Insights from the Wilderness #108

Signs of Spiritual AwakeningHow do you know if your spiritual growth is authentic and not just a conditioned conformity to religious rules and beliefs from the past?  In other words, how do you know if you’re spiritually awakened?

These are questions that a growing number of people are wrestling with as they move into the ranks of the “spiritual but not religious”.

If you are intentional about your spiritual growth, sorting out the differences between old religious beliefs and authentic spiritual growth concepts such as awakening, self-awareness, authentic spiritual growth and enlightenment will be important to you.

It’s not uncommon to search inside one’s religious or faith beliefs for answers to these questions, but spiritual growth, awakening and enlightenment are about spiritual practices designed to help us evolve our consciousness and grow in self-awareness—–not about religious “beliefs”.

The founders of our world’s mainline religions were not teaching religious beliefs, they were teaching us how to awaken, become more self-aware, and embrace the spiritual practices required for authentic spiritual growth and an enlightened consciousness. They were teaching us how to “see” the world through new eyes.

The religious beliefs so loved and cherished by our egos were created by institutional religion. They often misinterpreted the wisdom of the spiritual teachers and ultimately led us away from authentic spiritual growth and into dualistic thinking.

Awakening, self-awareness, authentic spiritual growth, and enlightenment are simply different ways of talking about the core values of a spiritually awakened consciousness—-embracing the unity of all reality, the elimination of ego resistance to the reality of  “what is”, and taming the unconscious primitive ego of our inner-child so we can increase our ability to manifest compassion in the world.

3 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Sign #1 – You Are Awake To Life In The Moment: You have learned to live more fully in the present moment with a full observing “presence”. You  the world through your heart and your eyes, not through your ego.

Sign #2 – You Have Dropped All Resistance To “What Is”: You have learned to accept the reality of what is, not what your ego thinks “should be”. You don’t resist “what is” because you know that creates unhappiness and unnecessary suffering—-for yourself and others.

Sign #3 – You Are Intentionally Self-Aware And Compassionate: You are intentionally self-aware and fully conscious of the energy your ego is sending into the world. Because you have dropped your primitive ego’s dualistic need to be right, the energy you send into the world is compassionate and unconditionally loving. You experience the unity of all creation and understand the value of seeing both sides of all issues. As a result, you walk the middlepath and intentionally search for the truths found on both sides of the path. You use your unique gifts not for personal gain, but to offer the world what it needs.

When these three signs are present, your spiritual growth toward enlightenment and an awakened consciousness is authentic and growing.

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