Skills Required to Achieve Happiness and Success

Skills Required to Achieve Happiness and SuccessThe skills required to achieve happiness and success are very similar. Both require self-growth.

As a mental health counselor, life coach, and amateur entrepreneur I have always been interested in the subjects of self-growth, happiness, and success. The skills required to achieve happiness are the same skills needed to achieve success.

Both require personal self-growth……

  • to value our “self” as a “real” person…..
  • to achieve deep self-awareness…..
  • to transform our negative self-statements into positive self-statements….
  • to discover our personal life passion.

But most importantly, our own success and happiness in life depends on our ability to see others as authentic real persons, not objects to be exploited.

In an attempt to work on the amateur entrepreneur part of myself, I recently attended a workshop on how to use the internet to create a successful internet company. I was interested in learning how I could teach more people the insights and skills of Primitive Ego Psychology……my own  life purpose and passion.

The article that you are reading or listening to right now, is a direct outcome of that workshop.
But that wasn’t the most important lesson I took away from that experience.

It wasn’t until the end of the second day that the presenter offered us his most important insight and wisdom. It consisted of just three words.

He said “if you really want to be happy and successful at something in life, then “just do it!”

That was exactly what I have always encouraged people to do on their spiritual journey toward the creation of an enlightened, authentic self. To awaken from the limited primitive ego consciousness of our inner-child that most adults use, we simply need to adopt the spiritual practice of self-awareness.

What I had been telling them for years was “just do it”.

Become self-aware.

When we discover the negative self-statements we learned in childhood, simply replace them with more positive self-statements. For example, when we feel that we are not inadequate, or not smart enough, or don’t want to look stupid…..simply say to our self “I am in the process of becoming and I do not have to be perfect in everything I do. I can drop the public mask that hides my insecurity and learn to become a more authentic, more open, and more vulnerable person.”

Our negative self-statements come from childhood and they are rarely accurate. But they do reflect an unhealthy habit of focusing on fear….some would say an addiction to fear.

For example if we receive a compliment and a criticism….which one does our primitive ego obsess about? The criticism of course. Until we replace those old negative self-statements with positive self-statements, they will continue to make us unhappy and limit our creative potential for success.

When we are truly honest with ourselves, most of us know exactly what keeps us from being successful and happy…..why we “fear” public speaking, why we’re “afraid” to make our dreams come true, why we hesitate to roll up our sleeves and discover our true life purpose.

Most of us know exactly why we are “afraid” to take life in both hands and shape it into a life filled with happiness and success.

We don’t want to fail or look stupid.

Our fears and negative self-statements are nothing more than the monster in the basement we feared in childhood……the monster that shrinks in size the more we move towards it.

The real, authentic person we “really” are can be free of those primitive ego inner-child beliefs that have been limiting and constricting our lives. We “can” actively transform those childhood beliefs into more accurate, authentic adult beliefs and self-statements.

How do we do that?  Easily.

Just do it.

How do we get rid our the “public mask” we’ve been hiding behind because of our childhood fears and become more authentic and open to life?

“Just do it.”

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