Spiritual Authenticity – Insights from the Wilderness #114

Spiritual Authenticity

Spiritual Authenticity Means Embracing Your Own Definition of Ultimate Truth. Then Learning to Live it, Do it, Be it.

What are the ultimate spiritual truths that inspire integrity, authenticity, and meaning for your life? Is your life an enlightened human expression of those truths? If not, what would you need to change about yourself?

Very few of us take the time to think about these questions.

The majority of adults in the world are unconsciously controlled by the primitive ego of their seven-year-old inner-child psyche. They are driven by the need for security, and an ethnocentric us-versus-them tribal identity, that is clearly reflected in their religious or nationalistic/political beliefs.

It is a rare adult that evolves much beyond this level of consciousness. It a rare adult that is self-aware and wise enough to embrace a middlepath spirituality that searches for new truths on both sides of their ego “beliefs”—-to know the difference between ego beliefs and true wisdom.

Most adults are immersed in dualistic, either/or thinking. And most importantly, their primitive egos are convinced that their beliefs about the world are not only right—-they represent absolute truth. They have limited self-awareness, but they always have an opinion on how others should live their lives, and they have great difficulty understanding the difference between an authentic spirituality and their religious beliefs.

Because their cosmology, or understanding of how the universe came to “be”, is based on the primitive creation stories found in ancient religious texts, achieving an authentic adult spirituality is often a difficult challenge for many adults in the scientifically literate world of the 21st century.

The universe has been teaching scientists, evolutionary biologists, physicists, and astronomers that we are part of a living, conscious universe that began 13.7 billion years ago as hydrogen gas; a universe infinitely more complex, larger, and awe inspiring than the writers of those religious texts could ever have dreamed about.

The pictures from the Hubble telescope for example show us a universe ineffably beyond awe and wonder; a universe comprised of countless billions of galaxies with each galaxy containing hundreds of billions of stars——–a universe with one unified energy field in which all of creation is connected, and all of creation is kin.

It is clear that God, the Creator, the Ground of Being, the Initiating Intelligence that created our universe was spiritually focused on creating unity, not on our human, dualistic, primitive ego either/or categories of you-versus-me, or us-versus-them.

If your goal or desire is to live a spiritually authentic adult life filled with integrity, purpose and meaning, then you will have to find the courage to let go of primitive childhood beliefs, move beyond the mythic state of human cultural development, and begin embracing the realities of the real world.

Most importantly, you will have to decide for yourself what holds ultimate significance or defines ultimate truth for you——God, Creator, Spirit, the Divine Evolutionary Impulse or Spirit to Become, the Initiating Consciousness of the Creator, or perhaps simply the sacredness of life itself.

Regardless of how you spiritually define ultimate truth, living an authentic spiritual life means your definition of ultimate truth has to be at the center of your life. It has to become the context of your life.

If you prefer to define ultimate reality using a theistic context or language such as that used by Christians, Jews, or Muslims, then unconditional love and compassion for others will be your ultimate truth. If you are an evolutionist, then caring for other life forms and the future evolution of our planet and human consciousness will be your ultimate truth. If your ultimate truth is offering a Buddhist loving kindness to others, then kindness and awakening your consciousness will need to be at the center of your life.


However you define ultimate truth, or what is of ultimate significance in your life, it is not your primitive ego’s job to preach it or teach it to others. Your job as an adult is to “live” it—-to “do” it—-to embrace it at the center of “your” life—–to “be” it.

In other words, how you define ultimate truth is not important. How you live it out—-“is”!

To live an authentic, meaningful life means that your deepest spiritual truths are the context for “your” life—not your neighbors.

Despite what your primitive ego would like to believe, your ultimate truth is not “the” ultimate truth—–it is only “your” understanding of ultimate truth. It is the truth that gives ultimate significance and meaning to “your” personal life—-not your neighbors.

When your ego claims to possess “the” ultimate truth, it has narcissistically slipped into psychosis. It is arrogantly claiming to “be” the Creator or God—–the Ultimate Mystery of our universe.

So what would need to change for you to make your understanding of ultimate truth the spiritual context for your life? What is your spiritual passion? What defines ultimate significance for your life?

What ever your answers to those questions, strive to make them the center of your life. Reach for them. Surrender to them. Don’t settle for less. Move beyond “I am my own context” and learn to embrace a larger context or purpose for your life.

If all of us could learn to mature our primitive childhood beliefs, embrace reality, and live our personal lives based on what holds ultimate significance, or  “ultimate truth” for our lives, our world would be a far more enlightened and peaceful place in which to live.

The Ultimate Mystery, we refer to as God or the Initiating Intelligence, would be smiling.

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