Spiritual Enlightenment: The Journey From Primitive Ego To First Awakening – Part 1 – Insights from the Wilderness #23

© Dick Rauscher, 2011
Spiritual EnlightenmentFor thousands of years it was assumed that a quest for personal enlightenment was the ultimate spiritual achievement  that one could undertake. Those who were thought to have achieved enlightenment were revered and honored as highly evolved human beings.

Today, millions of people are still enchanted by the elusive goal of enlightenment. Our book stores and the internet are filled with information and spiritual practices to achieve a First Awakening and ultimately  true enlightenment.

First Awakening is becoming aware of the unconscious primitive ego of the inner-child that lives in all of us, and then developing and learning the skills required to tame or mature that part of our ego.

After First Awakening is achieved, our consciousness continues to evolve. Our spiritual practices become more advanced.

We learn that we are not an object. We begin to understand that our sense of self is a pure observing consciousness…..that we are more than just our ego psyche or persona. We learn that much of what we previously accepted as “reality” is nothing more than illusion….constructs of our ego.

We begin to take more responsibility for our behaviors and we learn to pay attention to the energy we are sending into the world. We learn that most of our criticism of others is nothing more than a defensive projection of our own unconscious shadow material…….the qualities we don’t want to accept or see in ourselves.

Most importantly, First Awakening allows us to develop a “present moment awareness” and the ability to self-observe without self-judgment. Non-violence and doing no harm to others becomes the foundation of our ethics and personal morality.

When the above qualities are missing in a religion, the religion has become a cult. When they are missing in an individual, the individual is considered to be asleep. Most adults in the world today are asleep.

If our goal is to live a happy and successful life, mastering the skills and spiritual practices of  First Awakening are absolutely essential.

(Second Awakening will be covered in Part 2)

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