Spiritual Path To Awakening And Enlightenment – Insights from the Wilderness #149

Spiritual Path To Awakening And EnlightenmentAre you on the spiritual path toward awakening and enlightenment? If so, here are a few ideas or insights I’ve learned that might be helpful for you on your journey.

Insight #1 – Sometimes the simplest idea or insight can change our lives. For example, the concept that everything is always in the process of turning into something else. And that includes us. We are not the person we were last year. We’re not even the person we were yesterday. We are always in the process of turning into someone new; a totally unique person who is being created and turning into someone new with every experience and lesson life brings us.

So who are we?  Why are we here? What did we come here to accomplish? What is our life all about? What will we contribute that will add values to the lives of others?

Insight #2 – We only have one life to figure out the answer to those questions.  Our time to figure out the answers to those questions is the time between our physical birth and our physical death. All other understandings of time, past and future, are merely philosophic. Our time is all we have to work with. All of the world’s great spiritual teachers remind us that an awakened consciousness is the first step on the path toward enlightenment—-and enlightenment can be attained in one lifetime.

Here is another simple idea or insight I’ve found helpful. Perhaps the most important.

Insight #3 – The world does not have the answers to your questions. Only you can discover the answers to your questions. And if you don’t look inside, you will never figure it out. You will never discover the answers you are looking for.

Insight #4 – Every choice and every decision you make in your life (or fail to make) will lead to a consequence or outcome. Some of those outcomes will lead you toward the answers to your questions, and some will lead you away from them. Choices that take you inside will move you closer; choices that take you out into the world will move you further away.

As insight #3 teaches us, the only authentic path toward enlightenment is the path that lead us into deeper self-knowledge, deeper self-awareness.

The last insight – Dualistic thinking will not be helpful on the journey. An awakened consciousness that will lead us toward enlightenment is a consciousness that actively searches for the truths found on both sides of every issue; a consciousness that drops either/or beliefs and searches instead for unity in all things.

Summary – Don’t take my word as final on these insights, look within and discover them for yourself. Over time, I came to understand the wisdom contained in these insights cannot be learned; we simply recognize the truths they contain when we have the courage to look within ourselves.

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