Spiritual Prayer versus Religious Prayer

Spiritual Prayer versus Religious PrayerSupportive material for the Danger of Religious Prayer vs Spiritual Prayer article.

  • Drop the assumption that the faith beliefs of others are inferior to yours.
  • Drop the assumption that all Christians hold the same faith beliefs that you hold.
  • Drop the word “God” from your prayers because “God” has become religiously contaminated with negative Old Testament Christian imagery.
  • Eliminate references to a theistic “being” such as God, or Father. Refer to the Initiating Consciousness as Light, Spirit, Divine Evolutionary Impulse To Become, Divine Love, etc.
  • Drop all “requests” that “God” provide us something…..whether it be healing, peace, grace, forgiveness, strength, insight, wisdom, heaven, or any of the other things we routinely ask “God” to provide. Simply give thanks and gratitude for what we have, or pray that “we” might learn to use the gifts that we have already been given.
  • Embrace the concept that the Initiating Consciousness is simply Immanent in all of creation, not a parental Santa Clause sitting in a place called heaven waiting to respond to our individual requests——-assuming of course we have been “good”.
  • Recognize that if your prayer is “religious”, you are fostering or breeding tribal/ethnic “otherness”——which is 180 degrees from what all of the great spiritual teachers taught us—–including Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Confucius.
  • Recognize that no human tribal faith is absolute truth. It is a belief of your tribe. If you assume your beliefs to be superior, it is only the narcissistic arrogance of your primitive ego struggling to maintain its tribal self-identity. Simply recognize the negative, non-compassionate, judgmental energy your primitive ego is sending into the world with such thinking. If you pay attention to that negative energy, you will have the opportunity to replace it with kindness, and unconditional love and compassion, and do no harm to those who believe differently. We are all in this journey called life together and if we can learn to pay attention, life will offer all of us many opportunities to learn about love and how we might offer love unconditionally to others.
  • Spiritual prayer means learning to embrace silence, listening, beauty, and awe—–learning to be in the moment, not trapped inside your primitive ego’s beliefs and certainties.
  • Our observing ego consciousness recognizes that spiritual prayer recognizes that religious tribal prayer is insensitive and disrespectful of those who hold different religious beliefs.
  • And finally, learn to drop our primitive ego’s need to use dualistic thinking. Learn to think and pray using words that reflect unity and oneness, presence, both/and, and words that embrace diversity.

Christian Unity In Our Nation Is An Illusion: Some Christian Demographics To Consider When Learning To Pray Spiritually.

  • Less than one in three persons alive in the world today are Christian.
  • In twenty years, the number of those who reported being “Christian” in 2008 dropped from 86% to less than 76%. The rate of decline in 2008 was growing.
  • Of those 76% that reported being Christian, less than one in three said they attended regular church services. 49% rejected the God portrayed in the Christian Bible, and 67% rejected the notion that Satan is a real being. Again, the percentages were growing.
  • A rapidly growing religious demographic in 2012 is the number of people who are dropping out of “religion” because they are spiritual (believe in a higher power) but not “religious”.
  • Today, 27% of American elect to have a non-religious funeral service, and 30% elect to have a non-religious wedding.
  • 40% of those in the 18 to 29 age range report having no faith beliefs.
  • Christian unity is an illusion. Even Christianity is made of many different conflicting tribes and beliefs. There are over 1500 different faith groups or churches within the Christian faith, and many of them hold very different understandings on evolution, God, Jesus, heaven, hell, what constitutes sin, homosexuality, abortion, birth control, and even what it means to be a Christian.

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