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Stonyhill Books by Dick Rauscher

Dick has written five books on spiritual growth and development. You can purchase them as hard copy or Kindle editions by clicking the Amazon links below. They are published through Stonyhill Books.

Adult Spiritual DevelopmentAdult Spiritual Development: The Creation Of An Authentic Spirituality for The 21st Century

Spiritual growth is achieved not through religious beliefs and doing compassion, it’s about becoming compassion.

video-buttonWhen our goal is authentic spiritual growth and the awakening of our human consciousness, Primitive Ego Psychology and Evolutionary Spirituality come together to offer powerful spiritual insights for those on the path to a more enlightened consciousness.

Authentic spiritual growth is learning to see the world with new eyes. It’s about changing the way we think. Only when we have the courage and willingness to journey within, and expand our self-knowledge through intentional growth in self-awareness, will we achieve those two goals.

Using the spiritual insights, and spiritual practices derived from his work in Primitive Ego Psychology and Evolutionary Spirituality, author Dick Rauscher gives the reader the practical wisdom needed to actually become compassion and remove the roadblocks that keep us from becoming compassion; the goal of all of history’s great spiritual teachers.

Adult Spiritual Development - Chapter OneWhat Others are Saying

This book has been enlightening not only for me personally, but also in a professional capacity. It provides a lot of opportunities for small or large group discussions. I am putting on a workshop in the upcoming weeks and will be integrating a lot of the concepts and activities discussed in this book to accentuate the content and teachings of my workshop. The author writes in a way that is easy to follow and comprehend regardless of the readers background. So glad I came upon this book.

Thank you!!! Kristina R Bianchi

I truly want to thank you for a challenging, well-researched book which came from years of reflection and honest soul-searching on your part.

This was one of the most challenging books I read. Not because I did not agree with it; I most heartily do, but because it was insistently poised on self-responsibility and self-knowledge as growth in the spiritual life. Most of the book I purchased and read is marked up for future reference. One of my friends is a Zen Buddhist female priest. She looked at it and concurred that it agrees very much with the Buddhist perspective on the middle way.

I also was glad to see that you put adult spiritual development in the context of evolution, which is where it belongs. We sometimes think that just “nature” evolves and overlook the scientifically-proven fact that we are part of that evolution, continuing to further it by our growth in spirituality. (i.e. Barbara Marx Hubbard)

Your book was a gift to me as I trust it is to many others. It not only affirmed my own practices but also challenged me to go even deeper, to be more expansive.


Suzanne Moynihan, SSND

Awakening:The Manifesto of a Spiritual Philosopher: The Journey Toward a Compassionate Non-dual WorldManifesto of Spiritual Philosopher

Authentic spiritual growth is possible without religion.

Author Dick Rauscher offers a rational, non-religious path to authentic spiritual growth and enlightenment for both those who are “spiritual but not religious”, and those who walk a more “traditional religious” path. Authentic spiritual growth and growth in consciousness happens when we know our mind and how it works. We use our minds to create our lives and our world. The more we know about our mind and how we think, the greater the choice we have in how we use it! We cannot change what we do not understand about ourselves.

Authentic spiritual growth comes from the deep self-awareness of the logs in our own eyes, not religious beliefs. If you hunger to embrace a rational, non-religious, authentic 21st-century spirituality, this manifesto was written for you. The path to spiritual enlightenment and “becoming compassion” is through ego emptiness, not religious beliefs. “Authentic spiritual growth is learning to “see” the unity of the world through non-dual eyes, and changing the way we think. Only when we have the courage and willingness to journey within and expand our self-knowledge through intentional growth in self-awareness, will we achieve those two goals.”

Spiritual Manifesto Preview

Finding HappinessEmbracing Happiness: Spiritual Practices for Awakening to the Joy of Everyday Life

Author Dick Rauscher has included topics in this book that come from his own personal life stories. Some are drawn from past therapy clients, some are more political and current to the world we live in. All are spiritual practices and insights related to happiness in everyday life.

The book offers the reader practical everyday skills and insights needed for both psychological and spiritual growth in human consciousness. They offer tips on how to embrace the happiness you discover in your life, how to create healthier relationships, and most importantly, how to grow spiritually.

Topics in the book include awakening to a middlepath nonduality, understanding and healing your inner child, finding your life purpose, the value of your personal life story, the danger of unrealistic expectations, and the life rewards that come from gratitude.

Embracing Happiness Preview

Authentic Spiritual GrowthSpiritual Growth: Spiritual Practices for a Healthy Life

Dick Rauscher writes that authentic spiritual growth is achieved best when we able to let go of primitive dualistic thinking and learn to embrace the middlepath, nondual consciousness of humanities spiritual teachers and enlightened mystics.

The insights and spiritual practices offered in this book are designed to change the way we “see” the world and how we think, not change what we believe. The book is filled with idea “seeds” that will help the reader move beyond the illusions of dualistic primitive ego and embrace a deeper knowing; insights that will help the reader develop resonance between their intellect and the wisdom of their heart energy.

Spiritual Growth Preview

Creative RelationshipsCreative Relationships: Spiritual Practices to Build Healthy, Happy Relationships

Relationships are the foundation of marriages, families, communities, and our global human culture. When our relationships are healthy, they promote happiness, bring a sense of meaning into our lives, and increase our ability to be loving and compassionate. When our relationships are unhealthy, they are a primary source of conflict and unhappiness.

The insights included in this book come from Dick Rauscher’s twenty-five years in private practice as an NYS licensed mental health counselor, relationship insights drawn from the nondual thinking found in ancient Eastern spiritual practices, and from his personal life experiences.

The author shows how virtually all relationship conflict is created when our dualistic primitive childhood ego unconsciously distorted reality by building “ego maps” that reflected how we thought the universe should work. The maps we created to navigate childhood are almost always based on our early childhood experiences and social conditioning, our unconscious fears around intimacy, our unrealistic expectations, and those life beliefs we assumed reflected the absolute truth.

Unfortunately, the maps our ego constructed in childhood were not based on reality. They were merely a collection of “maps that reflected our “personality.”

The material contained in this book are powerful spiritual practices designed to help you drop dualistic thinking and awaken to a nondual consciousness, intentionally grow in self-awareness, and begin building healthy relationship with those around you.

Creative Relationships Preview

Stonyhill Recordings by Dick Rauscher

You can now order Complete Sets of Audio Recordings of Dick reading the Stonyhill Nuggets. Download them instantly and listen on your mP3 player in the car, while you are exercising or on your computer.

2011 Quarter 3 Stonyhill Nuggets – Get your copy right away and be able to listen to all 13 Stonyhill Nuggets (1 hour 37 minutes) from the 3rd Quarter of 2011. Click here to read more information about this Audio.

2011 Quarter 2 Stonyhill Nuggets – Get your copy right away and be able to listen to all 11 (1 hour 16 minutes) Stonyhill Nuggets from the 2nd Quarter of 2011. Click here to read more information about this Audio.

2011 Quarter 1 Stonyhill Nuggets – Get your copy right away and be able to listen to all 22 Stonyhill Nuggets (2 hours) from the 1st Quarter of 2011. Click here to read more information about this Audio.

2010 Quarter 4 Stonyhill Nuggets – Get your copy right away and be able to listen to all 21 Stonyhill Nuggets (1 hour 14 minutes) from the 4th Quarter of 2010. Click here to read more information about this Audio.









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