Story Of The Spiritual Seeker – Insights from the Wilderness #189

Story of spiritual seekerI was recently asked what I meant when I said readers of the Stonyhill-Nuggets are evolutionary members of the Stonyhill community. I said members of the Stonyhill community are “evolutionary pioneers”; people actively engaged in the intentional advancement, evolution, and transformation of their consciousness. They are people committed to the evolution of their unconscious primitive ego. Their goal is the achievement of a more spiritually awakened consciousness through intentional growth in self-awareness.

Because a growing number of people are asking to know more about Stonyhill and its mission to support the awakening and evolution of human consciousness, I decided the following story might better capture the essence and spirit of the Stonyhill community; and their relentless passion to grow, evolve, and embrace the awakened conscious of their authentic, true self.

The Story of the Spiritual Seeker

Once upon a time; in a time before stars twinkled and pine trees had needles, a young traveler left home and began a spiritual journey. The yearning Traveler felt was hard to name, but Traveler would not have used the word spiritual to describe the journey that was beginning. Strangely, the feelings that called Traveler to leave home and journey into the world felt much like homesickness.

What ever they were, the feelings were tangible and real—–and they’d been active in Traveler’s heart for long time. Traveler knew it was time to discover what the restless yearning was about. Traveler paused at the gate before stepping onto the road, turned, and took one last look at the comfortable home that had given birth to so many wonderful childhood memories. Then shifting the heavy pack that contained all of Travelers worldly possessions, Traveler closed the gate, and walked purposefully down the dirt road and into the intriguing world that awaited.

One evening, after traveling from the time of snow to the warm sunny days of summer, Traveler suddenly came upon a group of people milling aimlessly around a fork in the winding pathway that had been leading Traveler ever deeper into the world. A large sign at the fork read “Life Is A Spiritual Journey”. Curiously, the sign pointed to both paths leading away from the fork. One path was well worn. The other appeared to have seen little use.

The Traveler could see that the well-worn path led to a large moss covered stone building standing off in the distance. Except for an ancient cemetery, the brightly lit building stood alone in the center of a colorful field of carefully planted flowers. Traveler could hear singing coming from the building. After so many bone weary days on the road, the building looked warm and inviting.

Just as Traveler was about to walk toward the building, a person standing at the fork in the road pointed to the building and said “That’s a church”.

Then pointing at the people milling around the fork in the path, the speaker continued, “We all used to belong to that church. But we didn’t find what we were looking for. So now we call ourselves the spiritual but not religious.”

Another person in the crowd joined the conversation saying with a smile, “Others refer to us as the religious alumni association”. The first speaker chuckled, and then continued, “We left because were unable to find the answers to our spiritual questions there. We are restless to discover a deeper spirituality and embrace greater meaning in our life. But now we don’t know where to go from here to find the answers to our questions. Can you help us?”

Traveler looked at the less worn path. It wound across a field of wild flowers and disappeared into a large forest. Breath-taking snow capped mountains framed the sky beyond the forest wilderness. It appeared to Traveler that the people gathered at the fork in the road seemed determined to ignore the less worn path. As they talked together about where they could go, the people at the fork seemed to look in every direction except down the path that led into the forest. It was as if the forest was something to fear.

Traveler thought that curious; given that the forest felt so welcoming. It was as if the forest was somehow beckoning and quietly telling Traveler the answers to Traveler’s questions would be found there. Answers that would offer relief from the yearning and homesickness that Traveler felt. Strangely, it felt to Traveler as if the forest was somehow the place that Traveler was emotionally homesick to discover.

It was then that Traveler noticed another smaller group of people standing a few feet down the less worn path. Approaching this second group, Traveler could see that they were holding out a map. It appeared to be a map of the forest. Reaching for the map Traveler could see the words “the thicket of bent nickel beliefs”, “unconscious rocks”, “primitive ego pitfalls”, and a clearing called “middlepath” that appeared to be surrounded by mysterious clumps called “dangerous dualisms”.

As Traveler studied the map, one of the persons in the group said “We are members of the Stonyhill community. We are here to support your spiritual journey. If you choose to travel into the forest down this path, the rewards will change your life, but the journey will require courage.”

The speaker paused for a moment giving Traveler time to absorb the information on the map, and then continued “You will find the journey through the forest will awaken you to much about yourself that is presently unknown to you.”

“The journey through the forest will cause you to look within, and what you find there in the shadows of your mind may be uncomfortable. But in time, if you continue your journey, the path will lead you to the land of enlightened consciousness that lies hidden at the foot of the mountains—-the awakened land that the founder of that church over there originally came from.” he said pointing toward the stone building standing in the field of flowers next to the cemetery.

Somehow Traveler knew the answers to the yearning and homesickness that had encouraged the journey begun so many months earlier would be found in the forest. Without hesitation Traveler folded the map, picked up the heavy pack, and amid great encouragement from the Stonyhill community began to walk down the little worn path toward the forest and the hidden land of “enlightened consciousness”; confident that the path that would lead to the home that was calling Traveler’s soul.

Many years later, a person, who some say looked very much like Traveler, was seen quietly handing out Stonyhill maps to those with the courage to journey into the forest. Like Traveler so many years before, they too were searching for the home that was calling them; the home they knew in their hearts they had unconsciously left some time in the past.

No one knows for certain how Traveler fared after entering the forest. But it is said that some of those who, like Traveler, have the courage to take the less worn path, and enter the forest in search of the hidden land of enlightened consciousness, do eventually live a deeply authentic spiritual life filled with meaning, purpose, happiness, and success—–and of course, live happily ever after.

We Invite You To Become A Member Of The Stonyhill Community

Does your life lack meaning and depth? Are you are tired of struggling with the pain that comes from living a life that hungers for more authenticity. If so, I encourage you to become a member of our Stonyhill community.

“Most people” are content to spend their lives embracing the primitive ego of their inner-child; resisting change and unconsciously maintaining the monotonous status quo of their lives. Members of the Stonyhill community on the other hand, are evolutionary pioneers dedicated to becoming an awakened co-creator with the evolutionary impulse to “become” of creation itself; a person motivated to awaken and transcend the limits of their current human experience.

If you identified with Traveler and are still listening, then you are not “most people”. You are most likely a person called to live a more awakened and conscious life. A person who feels the spiritual call of the forest. A person with the courage to awaken and journey within toward the land of enlightened consciousness; the consciousness required let the light of their authentic self enter the world. If this sounds like you, I invite you to join the growing Stonyhill community by clicking the links below. There is no greater spiritual joy in life than living life with an awakened consciousness.

Our Stonyhill community is dedicated to intentionally awakening their consciousness and encourage one another to reach for and achieve their dreams; dreams that will make a difference in the world.

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