Success and Happiness – Planting the Seeds

Success and Happiness - Planting the SeedsSo often my coaching clients ask me “What do I need to do to become successful and happy”? The question implies that they have to somehow create their own success. Which of course is true…..but not in the way they think.

Success and Happiness – Planting the Seeds

Let’s say you want to create a new business. Or a new life.

You have the seed of an idea, the vision, perhaps even a new product. Now what? What is the next step that has to happen? This is where so many people get stuck…..trying to go from the vision directly to a successful business. They begin to order their office furniture and start looking for a place to rent. If they want a successful new life, they often move to a new house, or change jobs…..even spouses.

Of course, the only thing that is doing to do is create stress and overhead….and it will probably result in the dream being placed in a small box and stuck on the shelf called “dead dreams”.

We don’t sit down and create a successful life or a new business, we create the environment in which a successful life happens.

After you have the dream-seed or the vision-seed that you want to grow, the next step is to ask yourself is how do I prepare the soil that will nurture the idea-seed? What will the grow lights look like? What nutrients will I need in the soil? How much water will the seed need each day? What will the cold-frame look like to protect the seed when cold weather comes? What training and education will I need to make sure that the seed will grow into a healthy plant? What harvest tools and equipment will I need when the seed begins to bear fruit? Who will I need to help me care for the plant? Who will I need to sell the fruit? How will I get the fruit to the market that will pay the most for the fruit?

You could continue to ask questions in the metaphor, but you get the idea.

This metaphor is an effective way to think about success and happiness. The answers to all of these “seed” questions are the “environment” you will need to create if you want to be successful or create a happy life. Every idea or dream you have begins as a seed.

So first things first. You don’t have to create Rome in a day. Each day will have its first things first list. If you want to write a blog, you might want to sharpen up your writing skills. If you want to market your “fruit” you might want to think about networking with those people who have the tools and skills and insights that you are going to need down the road.

Successful people build “environments” for success. They know the idea-seeds they plant will grow and bear healthy fruit because they prepared the environment in which the seeds they plant can flourish. They plan ahead, but they do first things first……every day.

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