Syria Is Forcing Us To Decide What Our Future Will Look Like – Insights from the Wilderness #162

Syria Is Forcing Us To Decide What Our Future Will Look LikeWe know for a fact that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. We also know that the world has to show the Syrian government that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. When our primitive ego is confronted with evil, it does everything it can to deny and avoid its presence. So how do we send that message to Syria when the collective primitive ego’s of our global human cultures don’t want to rock the boat or disturb the status quo?

We know from World War I the horror of chemical weapons. We know from World War II that ignoring the presence of evil in the world doesn’t work. It’s only a matter of time before the problem has to be dealt with, and the longer we wait, the more difficult and costly the solution. The longer we wait to deal with the problem of evil, the more we condemn innocent people to suffer and die. In the 20th century alone the number of humans destroyed by other humans exceeded 100 million.

We know that nothing is predestined in this world. The evolutionary impulse to “become” incarnate in all of creation is impersonal. All that impulse to “become” wants to do is create that which has not yet existed; and it wants to do it now, in this present moment. Only our collective human consciousness has the power to decide, in this moment, the future we will create.

This evolutionary worldview will be resisted by our primitive ego because evolution uses change to create, and our primitive ego does not like change. Our primitive ego created our self-identity in childhood, and we are not interested in any change that might require us to change our beliefs or challenge our self-identity. Our primitive ego is comfortable with the status quo. It does not like the uncertainty that comes with change.

Unfortunately, the use of chemical weapons in Syria will not go away on its own—-because evil does not go away on its own. In this situation, the collective consciousness of our global human culture will have to decide what the future will look like.

The level of morality of every individual, and every human culture, is best determined by asking the simple question, how much of creation are we capable of holding in our hearts—–and then how much of that creation are we capable of embracing with compassion? This is the moral question that Syria is forcing us to wrestle with in our rapidly growing, global, human culture.

What ever we choose to do in Syria; whatever message we send the Syrian government, we need to accept the reality that it will create the future for our human global culture. Evil does not go away on its own; and those who hold the power to create evil will not voluntarily surrender that power. So the question we need to acknowledge is how do we stop evil and challenge the power that creates evil—–without creating more evil, violence, and suffering in the world.

Ignoring the question is not an option; it’s our collective future. Whether our primitive ego consciousness likes change or not, the decision cannot be avoided. Whatever response we choose, we will live with the consequences’ of that choice; it will create our future. So each of us needs to decide how we think the world should respond. It’s not Obama’s decision; it’s ours. It’s not America’s decision; it’s the worlds. Only time will reveal whether the decisions we are about to make were wise.

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