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Dealing with holiday stress

Power of Family Stories – Insights from the Wilderness #218

We are once again approaching the Holiday season; the time of year when sadness, unhappiness, and depression are at an annual high. Therapists and mental health experts tell us that unrealistically high expectations are a major cause of holiday depression; especially in the letdown days following the holidays. There is certainly no shortage of newspaper […]

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Inner Child Bag Of Rocks – Insights from the Wilderness #125

Are You Carrying Around A Bag Of Rocks? We all come through childhood with our ego scaffolding or “self-structures” firmly established. We have beliefs, expectations as to how the world “should” function, emotional baggage, fears, a well established “false self” or “self” that we think others want to see when they look at us, and […]

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How to Live the Life of your Dreams

We have two choices in life. We can either live our lives as the person we were in the past, like a Ground Hog Day repetition,  or we can re-define who we are through the personal growth and transformation that comes when we choose to awaken to a more conscious level of self-awareness. When we […]

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