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Find new friends

Time To Find New Friends?- Insights from the Wilderness #172

    Do your friends share your values? Are they enthusiastic, encouraging and openly supportive of who you are; your dreams; and your goals? Do they have a positive attitude about their own life? Are their dreams big enough to make a difference in the world? Are they committed to adding value to the lives […]

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Finding Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose – Insights from the Wilderness #171

 Finding Your Life Purpose Comes From A Focus On The Whole, Not The Parts A common question I often hear from Stonyhill-Nugget readers and coaching clients is how do we discover our “life-purpose”. They hear that the path to happiness and success in life is directly related to discovering our life purpose, but they want […]

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Power of I Can't

Power of I Can’t – Insights from the Wilderness #165

“Oh, I can’t do that. That’s for young people”. “Oh I can’t do that. You need a lot of money to do something like that”. “I can’t do that” are the most powerful four words we use to shut down our life. Thank heavens Thomas Edison didn’t use them when he was trying to invent […]

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