Taking Care of Yourself When Others Need You

Taking Care of Yourself When Others Need YouA Reader asked: “I am always helping and being there for others_using my energy for them and having none left for myself, how do I regain courage to do what I want or need to do_for me? I want to help, but sometimes I need a break.


Dear Reader: Great question. Taking care of yourself when others need you can be a very challenging process. Our urge to help others almost always impacts our need to attend to ourselves. You are definitely not alone in that struggle.

Knowing that you are getting out of balance is the important first step in the process of healing yourself.

If you continue to sit with the question of why you have gotten out of balance, you will eventually begin to get some insight as why…..in other words, the belief that is causing the imbalance.

In the meantime, it might be helpful to recognize that this kind of emotional and physical imbalance will eventually cause you to become resentful. When that happens you will not be useful to them or to yourself. You will begin to blame “them” for how “you’re” feeling. Sometimes saying no to the endless requests is the best thing you can do to help them. First, it puts some of the responsibility back on them to do their best to help themselves, but more importantly it allows  you to focus some of your own energy on getting back into self-balance and self-healing by caring for yourself.

So focus on your own balance. It’s the only way you will be able to continue helping those who really need the help.

Dick Rauscher

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