Taming Your Primitive Ego Is Like Taming A Little Green Dragon – Insights from the Wilderness #229

“Why do you write so much about primitive ego?”

I get that question a lot.

When the question came from one of my grandchildren, I knew he was too young to understand technical “ego” language, so I decided to tell him a story.

“Our inner primitive ego is like a green dragon,” I said.

“A green dragon? he said. “Really?”

Primitive Ego is a Green Dragon“Yup. Most people don’t know that, but it’s true. Getting to know your primitive ego is very similar to bringing home a young green dragon from the local animal shelter. When you get him home, you realize your young green dragon has some bad habits that he picked up from the people who raised him before you rescued him.”

“What kind of bad habits?”

“Well, being young, he is pretty self-focused. He thinks he’s a lot bigger and more important than other dragons. But most importantly, he thinks he’s always right. He doesn’t listen very well, and he tends to get angry when other dragons disagree with him. He’s very loveable, but he has to be tamed. He has to unlearn many beliefs that he picked up from those other dragons that he lived with before you got him. But if you’re patient with him, you will also begin to realize that he is smart, very creative and has a LOT of energy.”

“So how do you tame him? Does it take a long time?”

“Yes, it takes a long time. In fact, you will be taming him most of his life. But taming a dragon is easy. All you have to do is keep encouraging him to pay attention to the energy he is sending into the world. And when the energy is hurtful to other dragons simply ask him about the belief or attitude that is generating that hurtful energy. If you’re patient with him, he will begin to become more kind and compassionate toward the other dragons in his life. Over time, he will grow up to become a very self-aware and wise dragon. He will create new visions that will have the power to magically change the lives of the dragons around him … including your life too.”

“You mean he will teach me how to fly like a dragon?”

Primitive Ego is a Green Dragon“Oh yes! If you tame him to be a compassionate and loving dragon, he will help you soar to heights you never thought possible. He will not only teach you how to fly, he will show you how to look at the world and see that amazing world with the eyes of an eagle.”

“So a dragon can see like an eagle?”

“We don’t know how well a given dragon can see, but we do know that the powers of a dragon are almost unlimited when they have been tamed and well-loved over a life time.”

“And I have a green dragon inside me?”

“Yup. We all do. And you can discern very quickly those who have tamed their inner dragon, and those who haven’t. That’s why I write about our inner primitive ego. I try to encourage people to tame their inner dragon so they too can learn to fly and see the world through the eyes of an eagle.”

“Wow. I’m going to tame my inner dragon so I can learn to fly.”

“Yes. I have no doubt that the day will come when you will fly like an eagle”.

“No! I want to fly like a dragon!”

“Ok. When you do, let me know which can fly the highest. An eagle or a dragon. I’ve always wondered about that. Right now I’m getting hungry. Want to go out for pizza?”

“OK, you drive. I’m going to practice flying!”

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2 Responses to Taming Your Primitive Ego Is Like Taming A Little Green Dragon – Insights from the Wilderness #229

  1. Imkelina May 17, 2015 at 7:09 am #

    This was a very easy way to describe primitive ego to anyone. As a Second Grade teacher, I like this because the kids will easily relate to the green dragon… but I imagine that it can simplify primitive ego for many adults too!!

    • Dick Rauscher May 17, 2015 at 7:29 am #

      This was fun to write. Thanks for the feedback.

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