Ten Signs You Are Spiritually Awake – Insights from the Wilderness #138

Ten Signs You Are Spiritually AwakeSpiritual awakening and growing an awakened spiritual consciousness is not complicated. We already do it every morning. We wake up, we open our eyes and we begin to pay attention to the outside world. Spiritual awakening is learning to open our eyes and begin the process of paying attention to our inner world—-the world within.

Here are ten important signs that reflect the spirituality of an awakened consciousness.

Sign #1) Knowing That The Impulse To Awaken Is A Choice

The desire to awaken spiritually has been with us from the moment we were born. Unfortunately we often fail to see those things that are closest to us; those things that are so much a part of us we tend to ignore them.

Spiritual growth is one of those things we fail to experience because the desire to grow spiritually is so much a part of who we “are”——the urge to become, to create, to “be” more than we are in this present moment is hidden in plain sight.

When we choose to intentionally focus our attention on this inner urge to grow and become, we not only directly experience the evolutionary impulse that has always been a part of us, we become aware of the intense and powerful sense of urgency to awaken and evolve embedded in the impulse. We recognize this creative evolutionary impulse to become has always been quietly urging us to move forward!

Sign #2) The Desire To Embrace Our Life Purpose

Spiritual growth is learning how to surrender to the creative evolutionary impulse within us, and allowing it to move us toward those things that hold ultimate importance or ultimate significance for us. To say this in another way, when we are spiritually awakened we experience this impulse to evolve as an inner sense of urgency to move toward our life purpose—-the reason we are here.

Sign #3) The Desire To Embrace Spiritual Disciplines To Live In The Moment

Spiritual awakening encourages us to intentionally incorporate the spiritual disciplines needed to live in the present moment and consciously become the most evolved “self” possible—–a “self” striving to become the person we were born to become—-the “self” that lives only in “this” moment.

Sign #4) We Add Value To The Lives Of Others – From “Me” to “We”

When we are spiritually awakened we learn to embrace our own unique gifts and use them to add value to the lives of those around us. We know that when we work to add value to “only” our own lives, we are prisoners of our own ego—–and spiritually asleep.

Sign #5) We No Longer Resist The Reality Of “What Is”

A person who is spiritually awakened has learned to stop resisting reality and accepts the reality of “what is”. They recognize that spiritual balance requires accepting both the good and the bad. When we embrace the good and reject the bad, we are only experiencing one half of life. The spiritual wholeness of an awakened consciousness means we remain present to everything that life brings us.

Sign #6) We Strive To Become Self-Aware

When we are spiritually awakened, we have the courage to intentionally explore and challenge the many ego beliefs, assumptions, certainties, and expectations that we have consciously and unconsciously accumulated over the course of our life—–the courage to become self-aware of the energy we are sending into the universe and the world around us. The spiritual awakened person knows that we can’t transform what we are unwilling to “know” about ourselves.

Sign #7) The Willingness To Embrace Ego Emptiness and “Not Knowing”

Spiritual awakening is learning to tame the unconscious energies of our primitive ego by transforming the certainties of our opinions and beliefs into an emptiness of ego——an emptiness that the world’s great spiritual teachers describe as the ability to “not know”.

The spiritually awakened person understands that emptiness of ego or the ability to drop certainties and “not know” is the core value of humility. Humility is the internal cup empty of ego; a cup that is ready to receive new wisdom and insights.

Sign #8) Embraces Experience And Drops Beliefs

A religious person is taught to believe. A spiritually awakened person lives life in the knowledge that all of one’s accumulated beliefs are only relative metaphors and concepts our ego uses to talk about reality. A person who is spiritually awakened strives to experience reality, not just think about it.

Sign #9) Speaks In Metaphor And Story – Not The Imperative Voice Of Absolute Truth

The ego believes, the soul experiences, and the pure observing consciousness of our spiritually awakened authentic self observes—–and then uses silence to contemplate on what it “sees”.

The spiritual journey is a journey into silence and contemplation. A spiritually awakened person learns to “see” the reality of “what is” and when they share what they “see” with others, they use the language of metaphor and story, not the imperative voice of absolute truth.

Sign $10) Embraces Resonance

The spiritual practices embraced by a spiritually awakened person are designed to quiet the ego, to change the way we “see” the world and how we think—-not change what we believe. A spiritually awakened consciousness has moved beyond the illusions of ego and learned to embrace a deeper knowing that brings resonance between the knowledge of our intellect and the wisdom of our heart energy.


A person who tells us they are spiritually awakened probably isn’t. When we encounter a spiritually awakened person, they will not have to “tell” us they are awakened, we will simply “know”.

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