The Evolutionary Impulse to “Become” Is Creating Your Life – Insights from the Wilderness #160

Creating Your LifeI bet you thought “you” were creating “your” life. If evolutionary science is right, you might be getting a lot of help from the evolutionary impulse to “become”. In fact, our desire as humans to grow spiritually, and the desire to evolve our own consciousness, may both depend on the evolutionary impulse to “become”—–but not until we evolve our primitive ego.

Like most, my childhood education included, directly or indirectly, the religious teachings of a mainline church. In my case it was the Christian Church. I was taught that spiritual growth meant renouncing the material world and learning to embrace a life of gratitude and prayer. Fortunately, a monastic life that renounced the secular world was not a life I had any desire to live. As a 21st century person with a degree in Electrical Engineering, the traditional, scientifically illiterate, religious worldviews that embraced outdated first century cultural values lacked the spiritual wisdom and insights I hungered for. And yet the call to grow spiritually was an inner impulse I couldn’t ignore. I eventually began my spiritual journey toward a career in pastoral psychotherapy.

However, it wasn’t until I studied evolutionary science that I encountered spiritual worldviews that made intuitive sense to me. Evolutionary science teaches that the Spirit of the Creator, or God, is best understood as the creative, evolutionary impulse to “become” immanent in all of creation; the creative evolutionary impulse that has been driving the creation our universe for over 13.7 billion years.

This scientifically literate, deep time evolutionary worldview opened my consciousness to the reality that the inner impulse that has always been urging me, and humanity in general, to evolve and grow; the desire we have to become more conscious; the yearning or hunger for deeper meaning in our lives; is the same evolutionary impulse to “become” that has been creating our universe since the moment of the Big Bang.

As I began to explore why spiritual growth is so challenging, I began to see more clearly the presence of my inner-child’s unconscious primitive ego. When I began to grow in self-awareness, and intentionally explored the conditioned social and cultural values and beliefs of my primitive ego psyche, I could see how I was unconsciously undermining my spiritual growth. I could see how our primitive ego unconsciously embraces a status quo mentality that all but shuts down the inner evolutionary impulse to “become” and grow.

Over time, as I explored the unconscious conditioning my primitive ego was using to maintain its sense of psychological safety, it became clear that my primitive ego had me trapped in a status quo worldview that was unconsciously rejecting change. The most basic force in the universe, the evolutionary impulse to “become”, has been using change for 13.7 billion years to create our universe—–and my primitive ego was resisting that impulse to change!

I now accept the simple reality that change is at the heart of all creation; including growth in human consciousness, and our human culture develops and evolves——only as our individual human consciousness grows and evolves. Because all spiritual growth is directly related to our ability to grow in self-awareness, it was only when I found the courage to look within at my unconscious personal and social conditioning from childhood——and then intentionally invite change to enter my life——that the evolutionary impulse to “become” was able to guide me toward a more spiritually enlightened consciousness.


The Spirit of the Creator; the evolutionary impulse to “become” that resides in each of us, remained dormant in me until I was willing to look within and transform the individual and cultural conditioning that my unconscious primitive ego was using to maintain the unchanging status quo of my life. The evolutionary impulse to grow, evolve, and become resides in each of us——but embracing change that leads to spiritual growth and a more enlightened consciousness is a choice that each of us has to make for ourselves——a growth that happens only when we are willing to intentionally become self-aware and do the work necessary to get our primitive ego out of the way—–that part of us that loves the status quo and resists change.


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