The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be – Insights From The Wilderness (#287)

The future isn’t what it used to be…..and we know it.

Why It’s So Easy To Ignore What’s Coming

We hear a lot about global climate change, but unfortunately, there are a lot of wealthy corporations and individual who would like us to think that all is well; that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s called denial. The tobacco companies used this technique for years… until the evidence buried their ability to use denial.

The same thing is going to happen to the petroleum industry. Their attempts to create confusion, doubt and denial are based on the reality that their day of reckoning is coming. They know it’s coming. The longer they can get us to believe that all is well, and there is nothing to worry about, the longer they can pocket the enormous wealth they are accumulating.

Unfortunately, we are currently going along with their story line. Even those of us who believe that global climate change is real are overwhelmed and avoiding the deeper reality that’s coming.


Because we know intuitively the moment we embrace the truth about global warming and global climate change… we know our world and our current “Western” lifestyles are going to come to an end.

The Two Myths That Keep Us Passive And Powerless

We have built our world on the myths of safe petroleum energy and the myths of unlimited economic expansion. Both of these myths are destroying our planet. Working together, these two myths will bring an end to human civilization. In other words, if we continue to ignore these two myths and allow them to continue destroying our planet, and the planetary environmental systems that we depend on to live and survive, the probability is high that they will bring an end to human civilization… and very possibly the extinction of our human species.

The Future That’s Coming Is Hard To Embrace

I agree, looking clearly at the future being created by these two myths is very frightening and overwhelming. We ask ourselves… how will we survive if we no longer have petroleum energy to run our transportation systems, the corporate farms that produce our food, and our manufacturing corporations that build the products that create the “modern” world? How will we survive if the stores and companies that we work for no longer exist? If we continue having global climate change that creates droughts and mega-storms, how will we finance relocating all our coastal cities around the world and care for those who are displaced? Given that most of the world’s human populations live and work in these cities the costs of global climate change and storm intensification would almost certainly collapse our nation’s economy.

We are not stupid. When we have the courage to look clearly at these questions… we intuitively know that the future will not be what it’s been in the past. We know we are going to have to create new ways to live; and new ways to feed ourselves. We know we need to begin re-creating human civilization and change the ways we live and survive as humans.

We Only Have Two Choices

The changes that are coming are indeed overwhelming. That’s why confusion, doubt, and denial are so easy to create. Why we buy into them so willingly. But here is the larger truth… the reality that we don’t want to accept… we only have two choices.

We can;

  1. passively continue the path we’re on until it’s too late, or we can
  2. actively accept the realities that are coming and begin making the changes voluntarily.

But to accept choice 2, we need to accept the reality that both of these choices are going to lead to a future that is radically different; including the life we are living today. 

The difference between these two choices is clear. Passive acceptance into an unknown future, or active acceptance and preparation for the future; the choice that gives us the power to begin creating that “new future” that’s coming.

The bottom line; we have a choice to make. But regardless of which path we choose, the future is coming, and it isn’t what it used to be.

Our world needs all of our dreams and goals. Our world needs you to be successful!

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