The Middlepath

The MiddlepathThe middlepath is simply an internal journey into emptiness, not knowing, silence, simplicity, living in the moment, and accepting reality for what it is.

Middlepath is a journey that each of us must take for ourselves; no one can do it for us. It requires the painful letting go of our cherished ego beliefs, certainties, and opinions of simplistic thinking; the emptying and quieting of our black and white childhood ego’s that “know” so much.

To become a person who does no harm in this moment I must learn to walk the middlepath; a journey of spiritual growth and transformation; to a place of emptiness and humility. May I develop the wisdom of not knowing.

To change and grow, I must be willing in this moment to shed my beliefs, certainties, and opinions just as a snake sheds its skin to grow. May I develop the courage to not-know.

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