Ways to be Happy and Successful in Life


One of the most important ways we can be happy and successful in life is to embrace a deep commitment to become self-aware….to pay attention to our feelings, our thoughts, our behaviors, the kind of energy we are sending into the world, and most importantly, discovering our passion in life. What is our life purpose? Why are we here? What are our unique skills and abilities that the needs of the world could use?

Ways to be Happy and Successful in LifeMost adults are unconsciously allowing the primitive ego of their  inner-child to run their lives. They don’t like change. They don’t like to take risks. At the same time they tend to expend a lot of their energy  judging  others. In a nut shell, their lives are small, their dreams are small, and their ability to take in new ideas and change their beliefs is very limited. As a result their ability to achieve success and happiness in life is very limited. The primitive ego tends to be defensive and fearful.

Life gives us two choices….we either choose love, or we choose fear.

Those who choose love tend to be open, flexible, curious, and embrace change. They are open to growing and becoming. They are risk takers. But the most important quality they possess is the willingness to be self-aware. They pay attention to the energy they are sending into the world and they are open to changing the way they think, the way they behave, and the ideas they hold. They take conscious control of the life they are creating for themselves and they delight in dreaming about what is possible.

Evolving and maturing the primitive ego of our inner-child is absolutely necessary if our goal is discovering the passion and joy that comes from discovering our life purpose. The consciousness and thinking process of our primitive ego is simply too limited to accomplish that goal.

The enlightened consciousness we need for happiness and success in life is only achieved through self-awareness. Without a deep commitment to becoming self-aware, our primitive ego will continue to exercise control of our lives.

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