Thoughts About God

Thoughts About GodA reader recently asked if I believe in God. Here was my answer……….

I find myself moving away from a dependence on a traditional definition of “God” as I grow older. What is making more sense to me now is learning to embrace the reality of change and impermanence. Consciousness precedes the creation of all form, so the question that I struggle to live is “what forms am I creating with my consciousness”?

When I look back to a time when I was younger, I don’t like the energy that I was sending into the universe nor do I like the “forms” I was creating back then.

Today I try to take more responsibility for what I am contributing to the ongoing creation and evolution of the universe. What I contribute can make a difference….positive or negative. So as I grow older, I try to pay attention and create more positive energy and forms… work as a Co-Creator “with” the evolutionary process, not against it. For me, that is working “with” the Creator/God.

I feel a spirituality that is based on dependence to a higher power only clouds the fact that I am fully responsible for my actions, behaviors, and words. I no longer believe that either “God” or the Devil are responsible for how I live my life.

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