Create Happiness And Success – Insights from the Wilderness #69

It’s common to desire happiness and success in our life.

For many it may be a longing to find greater meaning in our lives, for others it may include personal growth and learning to live more authentically, and for most of us it is simply learning how to create loving relationships with those close to us.

But too often, we want these goals and achievements without having to pay a price for them…..we just want them to “happen”.

Create Happiness And SuccessWe want success and happiness but we are unwilling to “change” who we are, how we behave, how we think, or what we do in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the universe works.

All of creation is based on the concept of change. Without change there would be no creation… evolution……no life……no consciousness.  Nothing.

The Divine Impulse to “become” that resides in all of creation, and therefore in the soul of each of us, has been using “change” to create our Universe for more than 13.7 billion years.

If we have any doubt about that basic reality all we have to do is get in touch with that insistent need we all have to want more, to “be” more, and to create. Those feelings are not just the “greedy ego” as some would have us believe, they are the Divine Impulse calling us to embrace “change”…….to evolve, to become, to create that which is possible in the next moment.

We yearn to “become” more than we are, but too often “want what we want” without having to make changes in our comfortable life. And this is true even when we are not terribly happy with the way our life is unfolding.

Stated simply, if we want to create something new for ourselves, something that we have not yet created; then we are going to have to begin by learning to embrace change and making some changes in how we live our life. But even more importantly, we will need to change how we think.


Because conscious thought comes before the creation of all form.

We can work harder, we can re-write our life story, we can find our life purpose, we can attempt to live in the moment, we can want to create a more peaceful world…….all of these are important goals, but they will not be achieved or realized until they first enter our conscious mind and thoughts.

We become what we think about, so what we think about, and how we think, matters.

But the ability to change “the way we think” will not happen until our heart changes. Everything follows our heart.

For example, if we desire happiness, we first have to change the way we think about happiness. When our heart embraces gratitude, we will find that we are, and always have been, surrounded by happiness. Without gratitude in our heart, we will never achieve our desire to be happy.

If we desire success, we first have to change the way we think about and define success.  When our heart embraces deep meaning, we will find that we are, and always have been, surrounded by success. Until our heart has discovered that which brings deep meaning into our lives, we will never achieve true success.

If we desire love, we first have to change the way we think about love and how we define love.  When our heart lets go of blame, greed, envy, judgmentalism created by black-and-white thinking, and fully embraces love and compassion for others, and ourselves, only then will we discover that we are, and always have been, surrounded by love.

The Divine Impulse to “become” that rests at the foundation of all creation will continue to call us into the future…..the desire to be all we can be, the desire to create the visions and dreams that will energize us to create that which has not yet been created.

But it all begins with our heart.

Until our heart changes, we will find it virtually impossible to change the way we think or turn our dreams into reality.
When we change our heart, we will discover that changing the way we think happens without effort; our life becomes richly grounded in happiness and success.

When we change the way we think, we can create what ever our dreams can imagine.

How can you change your heart? Post your ideas below.

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2 Responses to Create Happiness And Success – Insights from the Wilderness #69

  1. Nancy November 2, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    I am aware of two necessary steps toward changing my heart – the first of which would be finding my heart which really means becoming aware of my authentic, true inner unsullied soul or essence. The “real” me beneath everything that has been added on since birth – hurts, defenses, trauma, coping mechanisms, pain, misery, baggage, unkind and unhelpful, unloving influences, my own thoughts that became a pattern I employ to make it through, to be loved or to get ahead.

    I believe this takes releasing all of the walls I have built up that formed my narrow box I looked out from. There is my group’s outlook, religious or other, which is “right, correct in their beliefs” which walls I need to transcend. There is my nationality, color of my skin, my faith, my gender, my political group, my church – all with a narrow focus of what is acceptable, good and right or the best. I need to let go of all of it to find my true abiding heart and soul. I also must release the walls of bitterness or judgement held against others, against all others in order to release the love stored inside that is more than happy to be put out into the world and into others. I also must find and release my inner walls, masks that I hide behind to please others or to make myself fit in – or not fit in! Once I lay all of that aside, I believe I will find my true authentic self and God, Is-ness, The More.

    Second, now that I am aware of my heart, the changing of it is more an opening, a falling into awareness and love and God – with that enters the gift of gratitude, appreciation, deep meaning, awe. I don’t believe it is something I can work to do of my own will, I believe it happens for me.

    Thank you for the assignment to write this out!

    • DickRauscher November 2, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

      Thanks for a wonderful and thoughtful comment on the article. I am impressed by the depth of thought you shared. Your post is a great addition to the ideas contained in the Nugget article.
      I would agree with your last paragraph. Opening our heart is not a work that we do, it’s simply learning to become aware of the compassion, gratitude, and depth of meaning that we
      are, and always have been, surrounded by our whole lives.

      Awakening to this reality, and then learning how to stay awake through intentional self-awareness, is the goal of all authentic spiritual growth. So often we confuse awakening and opening our heart with religious beliefs that are concerned with obedience and resisting change.

      Thanks again for a great addition to the article.

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