To The Victims of Monday’s Violence at the Boston Marathon

The thoughts and prayers of us here at Stonyhill go out to the victims, families and friends of those hurt in the bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon yesterday. It’s a sad reality that the person, or persons, who committed this violent act represent such a primitive level of human consciousness——that despite the fact they are living in a culture that offers them freedom of speech, freedom to pursue their dreams, and the freedom to peacefully promote their beliefs or disagreement with others—–they felt they had to resort to the use of violence.

It’s sad that they are so blinded by their “beliefs, opinions, and certainties” they felt they had the right to resort to violence to force others to conform or agree with their ideologies.

They fail to understand that such violence will not change our thinking; it will not cause us as a nation to embrace their primitive beliefs or primitive level of consciousness; it will not cause us to fragment into chaos as they would like—-it will only strengthen our resolve to behave as a civilized nation—–a nation that embraces change through dialogue with one another; not violence.

This is a time for us to come together in our support for the victims, and not allow this tragedy to divide us or abandon our ideals and values as a nation. Justice will be served, and we will continue to show the world the strength of a country that embraces freedom. In the mean time we need to keep our focus on the victims of this violence, and those impacted, at a time when they most need our love and support.

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