True Wisdom Requires Unlearning – Insights from the Wilderness #188

True Wisdom Requires UnlearningLike most people, I began my life journey believing that wisdom and knowledge were the same thing. I believed if I could acquire enough knowledge, it would insure my happiness and success. Over time however I learned that they were, in fact, very different forms of “knowing”——that knowledge is a form of head energy that deals with facts, and wisdom is a form of heart energy that deals with values, caring, and compassion.

Until I was willing to carefully examine the primitive ego of my inner-child and look more carefully at my unconscious childhood conditioning——-to begin questioning my beliefs and the many judgmental assumptions I had about the people in my life—–my life was a struggle. Until I began to discover for myself what was true and what was real in the world, the wisdom that I needed to live a happy and successful life remained just beyond my grasp.

We See What We Expect To See

Until I began unlearning the beliefs and unconscious conditioning of my childhood, I was only able to “see” what I already knew and believed about the world. Because I “saw” what I expected to “see”, I unconsciously journeyed from one adult experience to another systematically reinforcing what I had been taught or learned in childhood.

Information that failed to conform to, or agree with, my childhood conditioning was carefully filtered out, denied, rejected, and ignored. Stated simply, the true wisdom embedded in my heart energy remained buried and hidden beneath the many layers of my unconscious childhood conditioning. I was living my life with a very unawakened consciousness.

The journey toward the happiness I was working so hard to achieve was an illusion. I had yet to understand a simple paradox about life——the fact that, like all of us, I already possessed the happiness I was working so hard to achieve. All I had to do was unlearn the conditioned opinions, beliefs, illusions, and judgmental assumptions that I’d learned from others in childhood.

Learn To Question Everything

Stated simply, the true wisdom that allowed me to begin engaging with the world through my heart energy; instead of my head energy, was awakened within me only when I found the courage to begin questioning everything I thought I knew about the world.

Until I was able to awaken the primitive ego consciousness of my childhood; and change the way I had been taught to think, I was simply reflecting the prejudices, opinions, assumptions, expectations, and the unconscious childhood conditioning of my parents and the other caregivers and teachers I had encountered in childhood.

Today, I attempt to examine the “truths” coming to me from the world for myself. I no longer assume that they are true simply because a TV news commentator reports them as “truth”.

For example, I began to question my religious beliefs. Were they true? How did I know they were true? Had I taken the time to actually examine them carefully for myself?

I questioned my political beliefs. When others told me that Obama care wouldn’t work, or that the government was too big, or that the 47% of Americans living below the poverty level are lazy and unmotivated I began to examine those so-called “truths” for myself.

I wanted to discover for myself why almost every credible scientist in the world is concerned about global warming and why every credible scientist in the world openly embraces the concepts and insights of evolution—–so I studied the data.

I Learned To Beware Of The “They” People

I no longer believe something is true simply because “they” say it’s true.  I no longer assume that the “they” people, and the never-ending “truths” propagated by the “they” people, actually represent truth just because——“they” say, “they” think, “they” believe that___________, “they” are convinced that ________,  “they” heard that____________, or “they” have proof that__________.

Stated simply, the journey toward the wisdom and happiness of an awakened, enlightened consciousness is a journey toward paradox. The understanding that wisdom comes from unlearning those things that prevent us from accessing the wisdom we already possess.


Until we have the courage to empty the primitive ego of our childhood conditioning, and learn to embrace the world through our own adult senses and experiences, we will never awaken to middlepath thinking; the insight that there is always truth on both sides of every opinion, every belief, and everything we learned in childhood. True wisdom comes when we learn to search for those middlepath truths.

Until we do, “they” will continue to define “truth” and “they” will continue to control “our” future——–including the future our children and grandchildren will live in.

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