Using Change To Create Compassionate Ripples – Insights from the Wilderness #123

Using Change To Create Compassionate RipplesA basic teaching in the Stonyhill Nuggets is the insight that our primitive ego does not like change. Just because everything in creation is infinitely becoming and changing, our primitive ego does not like the concept that it too is expected to change and evolve.

It likes status quo. In fact, our primitive ego gets angry and aggressive when others dare to ignore “our” needs and expectations, or imply that “we” need to change our behaviors——or worse yet, challenge one of “our” cherished beliefs.

It’s OK if others change to conform to our expectations and beliefs; to behave and think exactly how we think they should behave and think, but on a personal level our primitive ego is happy being just who we are.

When our primitive ego ignores or rejects new information that is both logical and makes sense—–simply because that new information does not agree with our firmly held beliefs——we are almost certainly under the control of our unconscious inner-child’s primitive ego.

This kind of behavior is common, but is often referred to as intentional ignorance. A kinder way to say it would be maintaining the status quo, or fear of change, or a lack of curiosity. What we don’t see, we don’t have to deal with. Regardless of what we choose to call it, it is the primary reason so many fail to achieve success and happiness in life.

Our primitive ego derives its power to control and interfere with our lives by being invisible; by its ability to hide in the shadows of our unconscious mind.

We may look like an adult; we might even sound like an adult most of the time; but if we fear change there is a high probability that the primitive ego of our first grade, seven year old inner-child, is unconsciously running our lives.

This is especially true when we are emotionally agitated or upset. Kneejerk, negative emotions are an excellent indicator that our primitive ego is alive and active in our lives.

All growth requires change, but the changes in thought or behavior that you choose to embrace as a result of the material and ideas presented in the Stonyhill Nugget newsletter are up to you.

If a Nugget idea or spiritual practice makes sense to you or feels accurate, trust your heart energy. By-pass your linear, cognitive mind, and your primitive ego’s fear of change. Embrace the idea and find ways to intentionally incorporate it into your life. Be intentional in making it a part of who you are becoming. Trust the deeper heart wisdom and embrace the courage to move it closer to the center of your life.

The law of attraction is a powerful reality, but we don’t attract into our lives what we want, we attract what and who we are.

Like love, truth is impossible to describe. But our heart always “knows” when it has encountered truth—-so learn to trust your inner knowing. Embrace the change it is calling you to bring into your life.

Similar to the wings of a butterfly that can change the weather on the other side of the planet, the changes you choose to make in who you are, and the kind of energy you choose to send into the world, will send ripples outward into the world.

You will have no idea how far they will travel or who they will influence; or how they might change the world. That is not your concern. The universe will do with your ripples what it chooses to do with them.

Your job is simply to awaken to the reality of the world you live in, to awaken and evolve your consciousness, and increase your ability to create compassionate ripples in the world through the changes you have the courage to incorporate in your life.

Authentic spiritual growth is learning to awaken your consciousness and fully embrace the Divine Evolutionary Impulse to Become. When you have the courage to open your heart and welcome change, the spirit of infinite becoming will help you grow into the authentic person you were born to become.

The authenticity that comes when you accept change will enable you to bring into the world the unique gifts and skills that the world needs—–the gifts and skills of that only you are able to offer.

Compassion is not the willingness to enter the life of others; it is making room or space for them in your own heart. When you have the courage to change and grow, your heart will have room to embrace the whole world.

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