Wake Up. It’s Morning. It’s Time To Be Happy – Insights from the Wilderness #33

Click here to hear Dick RauscherWe live our lives asleep.

Most of us are not grounded or living in the real world. We are caught up in illusions and ways of seeing the world that are so common, we simply never even think to question the illusion.

For example, had you lived in 1492 and told your friends and family that the world was round, everyone would have looked at you like you were crazy.

Time to be HappyWe spend so much time chasing perfection, obsessing over the shame and guilt we carry from the past, and our never-ending concerns about what “might happen” in the future…..we never awaken to the present moment.

Self-awareness is grounded in the “now”….living and exploring the thoughts and emotions happening in “this” moment.

Discovering our life purpose, the key to true happiness, requires self-awareness…..a deep understanding of who we are, what attracts us, what we came here to accomplish, and how  we can best use our unique gifts, skills, and experiences to offer the world what we, and only we, can offer.

Achieving the authentic spirituality that comes from growth in self-awareness requires the ability to embrace silence and allow deep awareness to emerge. Self-awareness comes when we have developed the ability to sit with pure awareness and full attention to what is happening in “this” moment….when there is no time between the observer and what is being observed.

Judgmental conflict with others, and self-judgment, are always the result of too much time between the observer and what is being observed. In other words, when we are not fully in the moment, we allow too much time for the toxic thoughts and beliefs of our primitive ego to enter our consciousness.

When we stay in the “now” with who we are, our ego’s toxic self-beliefs have no opportunity to enter our thinking. As a result, we automatically begin to experience happiness. The exhausting need to be perfect, and the inner conflict and self-judgment between who we are and who we “think” we are disappears.

The flat-world belief that we have to somehow earn happiness is a common reality distorting illusion. We already have all the time and happiness there is. Self-awareness allows us to awaken and experience those amazing realities.

I call this kind of thinking a “flat world” belief……they “knew” the world was flat.

This is a difficult concept to internalize in the modern world because it “feels” like we are awake and conscious of what’s going on around us. After all….we have science and a modern consciousness.

But until we are willing to challenge the illusions and awaken, achieving happiness and success will be extremely difficult.

Let me give you a common, every day example of what I’m talking about.

Many of us are stressed and overwhelmed with life. Exhausted trying to accomplish everything we have to do. We complain that “we simply don’t have time to do everything we need to do”. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

We emotionally believe what we are feeling and saying is true. But it’s an illusion.

We have “all the time there is!”

Unfortunately, our primitive ego needs to look perfect so it can avoid criticism and failure. It believes that it’s “not OK” so it has to work very hard to show the world that it really is OK. It can’t prioritize because it fears that whatever it leaves off the “to do” list is exactly the thing that others will point to and criticize.

It’s hard to rest or relax when everything has to look perfect.

We spend so much time and effort trying to make ourselves look good, we never have time to just sit and quietly explore our feelings…to become self aware.

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