Wake Up! This Is Your Life! – Insights from the Wilderness #136

Wake Up! This Is Your Life!Wake up! This is your life! Is a sign that has been hanging on my office wall for years. Emotionally it says to me “Hello!!!!! Pay Attention!!!”

People kid me about all the signs I have on my office walls, but I have found them to be a great way to surround myself with little pieces of wisdom that I want to incorporate into my day-to-day life.

But Wake Up! This is your life! Is the sign that best reminds me what most of the other signs are about——learning to live my life more intentionally and consciously.

When I look at that sign I see a list of questions that help me stay focused on the values that give my life meaning.

-Am I living my life purpose? Does the spiritual ground my soul stands on every day reflect the values that hold ultimate importance for me? Are they at the center of my day-to-day life?

-Am I using my unique skills and experiences to add value to the universe?

-Am I a person working co-creatively with the “evolutionary impulse to become”? Am I growing?

-Do my choices as a person help me co-create beauty, truth and goodness—–the values and qualities our universe has been creating and evolving since the moment of the big bang 13.7 billion years ago?

-Stated simply, does my life add value to the lives of others?

Like most people, there are days I can answer yes to these questions. But there are also days that I realize that I have fallen asleep—–that I am living my life on autopilot—-that I’m back to sleep walking through life.

On those days my little sign, “Wake up! This is your life!” reminds me that living life with an awakened consciousness is a choice.

I adopted this little sign many years ago—-the day I realized I was living my life in sleep walking, auto pilot mode. My life was going nowhere! I was dreaming about success and happiness, but like most people I didn’t want to do the hard work required to achieve what I wanted. I was waiting for someone to knock on my front door and say, “Here it is Sir! Here’s the success and happiness you’ve been dreaming about. Congratulations!!”

That was the day I woke up—— the day I decided to take charge of my life. I had no clue what I would do; I just knew that I was going to figure it out.

People often ask me “so how did you wake up? What shifted in you?” I tell them, “I don’t really know. I just did.”

Later, as a therapist, people would often ask me a similar question, “why do some people grow in therapy and others don’t?” My answer—- “I don’t really know. Some just do. Some don’t.”

If I had the answer to those questions I would probably be wealthy!

The only way I can explain it is to say it’s like a light switch being turned on. One moment you’re sleepwalking, and the next moment you recognize that taking charge of your own life is nothing more than making a choice——the decision that you want to live your life awake and conscious. I truly believe it’s that simple!

I believe that is the wisdom reflected in my little sign “Wake up! This is your life!” is a reminder that waking up is a choice; a simple decision that anyone can make whenever they are ready to make it—-the decision to flip our internal consciousness switch from sleepwalking to intentionally awake.

In more technical language I would say that waking up to higher states and stages of consciousness is essentially slowing down and making room for meaning and purpose to enter your life…to move your consciousness beyond your ego and begin to embrace your true self.

As a therapist I know that statement is true, but it wasn’t why I suddenly woke up that day many years ago. The truth is I simply made the choice, the decision that I wanted to live my life awake.

I suspect that my waking up had something to do with embracing the reality of free will. I woke up because I could! It was simply a choice I had to make.

One final thought.

My little sign also reminds me that like waking up, staying awake is also a choice. Like most of us, I too tend to wind down and lose energy at times. I slide into sleepwalking. When I do, I remind myself that losing energy isn’t failure—-it simply means I’m human.

When my energy is low, my little sign is a reminder that I have friends, or evolutionary partners, who are supportive of my choice to live with an awakened consciousness—the choice I’ve made to try to make a difference in the world.

When my energy is low, they are the people that help me dust off my dreams and encourage me to get back out there living those dreams.

They remind me that I have chosen to embrace the “evolutionary impulse to become” embedded in the universe——to be a person that tries to make a difference in the world. In technical language they help me keep my authentic self in the drivers seat, not my primitive ego——that unconscious part of me that likes to quietly slide back into status quo and disappear.


Stated simply, I believe our lives are driven by our values—-and the choices we make based on those values. When we choose to live our lives with an awakened consciousness, and place those values that hold ultimate meaning for us at the center of our life, it gives our lives the amazing energy of purpose——the reason we get out of bed in the morning.

Much like my little sign, the friendship of my evolutionary partners is a quiet reminder of the values that give my life purpose——that life is a choice—–and only I can choose to live those values.

In reality, they are simply the people that give me a hug and whisper, “you can do it!

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