What is Commitment? – Insights from the Wilderness #157

What is Commitment?I used to think that a “commitment” to a goal meant I was making a decision focused on the future. For example, my commitment to get the book I’m writing ready for the publisher before October 1st.…… this year!  Of course, that was the commitment I made for myself last year. Despite my well-intentioned commitment, it obviously didn’t happen.

What I now understand is the simple concept that a commitment means I have to be willing to actually put myself in front of my computer, ignore all the exciting information on Facebook, ignore all the emails from strangers attempting to sell me something, open up Microsoft Word, and actually spend time writing my book….today!

And then again tomorrow. And again the next day. You get the point.

A true commitment means I am committed to beginning the journey toward my goal today. It means the commitment comes before I get distracted by all of the “shiny objects” that my mind so loves to use so I don’t have to begin the hard work of actually writing my book.

Like writing a book, success in life happens not because of desire, it happens because of discipline; the discipline to roll up our sleeves, ignore the shiny objects, and do the hard work of actually working toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves. In other words, without discipline, our goals will never materialize. Without discipline, the commitments we make for ourselves will only be something we dreamed about doing that day so many years ago.

Almost every life coach on success will tell you the same thing. If you want to be successful, commit to whatever you want your goal to be, decide when you would like to achieve the goal, and then embrace the discipline to get up one or two hours early every day and spend those hours working on your goal; not reading email, listening to the news, walking the dog, making breakfast, taking a shower, cleaning up your office, cleaning up the kitchen, watering the plants, starting the laundry, or being distracted by your favorite early morning shiny object.

So what’s your big rock in life?

Success coaches are very clear. The big rock in your life is the goal you are committed to achieving. Until that rock is in the jar for the day, don’t get distracted by the pebbles, sand, and water that a busy life will expect you to deal with. They are just the shiny objects that our minds would love us to focus on. Simply remind ourselves they will still be there waiting for us after we have our “big rock” in the jar.

Our primitive ego loves to play. It avoids anything that feels like it might be work.

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  1. Imkelina July 31, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    The challenge for me is to discern which of my “big rocks” is the biggest one!!!

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