The World Is Waking Up – Are You? – Insights from the Wilderness #190


The World Is Waking UpOur primitive ego loves to blame. As a result, the law of karma is often one of humanities least honored, and most ignored, basic laws of the universe. Karma is simply the concept that every choice we make, or fail to make, will give us a consequence or an outcome. Always.

I find it amazing how often humans blame outside circumstances for the life they’re living rather than connecting the circumstances of their life to the past choices they’ve made or failed to make. It is one of the major blind spots in the human consciousness. In other words, our primitive ego would prefer to be a victim and blame the universe for the circumstances of our life, rather than take personal responsibility for our life; the life we’ve created for ourselves one choice at a time.

Two Examples of Failed Karma

Example #1:  On August 6, 1945 we lost our innocence as a species. On that day we learned for the first time that our species had the power to extinguish human life on this planet. That was the day a nuclear weapon was detonated over Hiroshima. We still have not come together as a species to remove nuclear weapons from the world. The very real potential for the extinction of our species still exists.

Example #2: Today, we are facing another human extinction event. It’s called global climate change. Despite the fact that virtually every credible environmental scientist on the planet is warning that global warming is rapidly threatening the extinction of life as we know it on our planet; including the extinction of the human species, 37% of our nation’s collective primitive ego would rather believe the scientifically illiterate naysayers. Naysayers that insist, without any supporting scientific data, that global warming is simply a natural reoccurring event on our planet.

The consciousness of those who deny the reality of global warming represents a dumbing down of their human ability to embrace reality. Their primitive ego’s would rather believe the scientifically illiterate naysayers and their opinions, than the warnings of the highly trained environmental scientific community.

In both examples, our collective human consciousness would rather embrace the passive role of powerless victim than accept active responsibility for the realities that face us as a species.

Humanity Is Waking Up

While the majority of our world is comfortable with its role as passive victim, there is a rapidly growing global community of people who are choosing to intentionally awaken to the dangers that face us. They are no longer comfortable living as powerless victims. They represent a growing revolution in human consciousness; but contrary to popular opinion, they are not about violence for the sake of violence. Their presence in the world reminds us that social revolutions are about ideas.

For example, the global unrest we are witnessing in countries around the world is clear evidence that humanity is awakening to more intentionally claim the personal freedoms that are currently being denied to them by despotic governments.

The growing revolution in human conscious is seen clearly whenever the collective consciousness of our planet socially awakens and speaks about the dangers of global warming. It is seen clearly in the growing rejection of racism, homophobia, and rampant gender bias propagated by scientifically illiterate religious extremists who would rather embrace primitive religious beliefs than informed scientific evidence.

The collective consciousness of humanity is beginning to awaken. People are beginning to connect the dots between their choices, and the consequences those choices are creating in the world.


Whenever a person’s “beliefs” or “opinions” lead to the rejection of overwhelming scientific evidence, it is clear evidence that the unconscious primitive ego of their inner-child, and it’s childhood conditioning, is in control of their consciousness. Stated simply, they have not yet awakened and evolved their human consciousness. They are still functioning out of the powerless victimization of an immature or infant human consciousness.

For those with an awakened consciousness, any belief or opinion that cannot be backed up with hard evidence, or supporting data, no longer has the same weight as hard scientific evidence. This is true regardless of the source of the belief or opinion. For an awakened consciousness, reality carries more weight than an opinion, or an unsupported belief.

The growing global evolution and awakening of the human consciousness is not simply a good idea; it is essential to the future of our human species. The probability of evolutionary survival is always increased by the ability of a species to embrace the reality of what “is”. Those species unable to embrace reality are now extinct.


(For an excellent summary of global warming and its impact on global climate change click on this link.

It is an article worth reading, and will support the awakening of your consciousness.)

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