Yearning for Alignment and Coherence with the Universe – Insights from the Wilderness #143

Yearning For Alignment And Coherence With The UniverseThere are two yearnings that drive most humans—–the yearning to become and the yearning for spiritual enlightenment. Both are yearnings for coherence or alignment with the universe and the reality that surrounds us.

The yearning to become is driven by the creative evolutionary impulse to become——the universal impulse to create the future and become more than we are today. Stated simply, we yearn to embrace the soul of the universe—–the evolutionary impulse to become that dwells in every aspect of the created universe. This impulse to become is what drives us to create that which has not yet been created.

It’s also what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s the impulse that drives us to become all we can become. It’s the impulse that compels us to discover our life purpose—-to offer the world the gifts and skills that we were born to contribute—-the impulse to make a difference—-the impulse to add value to the lives of others.

This impulse to become is so much a part of who we are, most of us never take the time to actually embrace its presence. Our ego strives to make more money. It strives to become successful. It strives for fame. It strives to become important. But we tend to miss the deeper reality that we are quietly being driven to “become” the unique person we were born to be.

The second yearning we experience is the yearning for spiritual enlightenment——the need to discover our true, authentic self. The longing to know who we really are and why we exist—-the deep desire for personal authenticity.

When we are convinced that who we are is the “false self” that our ego has created, we miss the deeper reality that our “authentic” true self is pure observing consciousness. Who we are spiritually is simply the observer; the one who observes.

Again, this reality is so much a part of who we are, we fail to embrace its presence. We live our lives unaware that our consciousness is the same pure consciousness that created our universe. We fail to recognize that we are conscious co-creators with the initiating consciousness that poured its soul into the universe at the moment of the big bang—-the evolutionary impulse to become.

Spiritual enlightenment is simply recognizing that we are driven to become; that we have the ability to consciously observe; and that we have the ability to consciously create form and co-creatively participate in the on-going evolutionary creation of our universe by contributing to that which has not yet been created.

As we become more enlightened, we recognize that love is alignment with the soul of the universe or the impulse to become. Heart energy is alignment. Cooperation is alignment. Living authentically is alignment. Compassion is alignment.

The moment we recognize these simple realities, we awaken to the knowledge that everything in the universe is an interconnected, coherent singularity. We awaken to the knowledge that there is only unity. We recognize that the illusion of dualistic us versus them, either/or thinking is created by the human mind and exists only in the human ego.

The yearning we experience is the soul level desire in each of us to re-align our lives with the evolutionary soul of the universe—-the impulse to become and the desire to embrace the oneness of reality.

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